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Agri-Fab Spreader Smart Push 57kg Poly Hopper

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Agri-Fab Spreader Smart Push 57kg Poly Hopper
Reference: AGRI-AF45-0462
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When you spend time and money to water, fertilize and control weeds in your lawn, you don't want anything to be wasted. That s why Agri-Fab® has a special team of products ready to hit the field. These are the guys who get in there and make sure that all the work you do is more effective and more efficient. Aerators loosen compacted soil and prepare the surface to receive fertilizer, weed control products and even water. Dethatchers open up the lawn surface for better growth with less water and fertilizer. Also, rollers are an affordable way to give your lawn a healthy and well-manicured look. And new to the team this year is SmartLINK, an innovative system of grooming tools that works off of one attachment platform so you don't have to buy”or store!€”four unique attachments.



The Agri-Fab Spreader Smart Push is capable of holding 59kg to ensure the job is done quickly and efficiently.  Whilst the easy to use controls let you spread your fertilizer or weed killer more precisely.

- Roughly covers half an acre when hopper is full

- Easy to assemble

- Large tyres to suit different terrain

Enclosed commercial-grade gearbox for smooth rolling and easy maintenance.

25,000 sq. ft. coverage; roughly 1/2 acre.(depending on material used and speed of application)

Large pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability.

1 year warranty