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Allett 20 inch Verticut Quick Change Cartridge

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Allett 20 inch Verticut Quick Change Cartridge
Reference: ALLETT-ATQC20VC
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The Verticutter is the perfect vertical mower.

Thin and closely spaced blades effectively lift lateral growth and remove moss. The blades of the Verticutter reach down into the thatch without damaging the healthy grass, which brings the dead layer to the surface to be collected and removed.

The difference between verticutting and scarification is the thickness and number of blades. As the name suggests, the Verticutter penetrates the soil vertically, ensuring to remove as little healthy grass as possible. The use of a larger numberof thinner blades achieves the least damage possible whilst ensuring excess thatch is removed.

Verticutting can be carried out on a more frequent basis, and is the perfect way to keep on top of your thatch level in between your yearly scarification. A small amount of thatch can be healthy for your lawn, but anything over half an inch needs to be removed as it prevents the healthy growth process.

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Allett 20 inch Verticut Quick Change Cartridge
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