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A Better Welly – Marvellous Muck Boots from Keen Gardener

After a wet summer, the ground is already soggy – and with winter arriving, things are only going to get muddier! Well season has arrived, and if you’re anything like the Keen Gardener team, you’ll be spending most of the next few months out in your boots. Whether you’re in the garden, walking the dog, riding a horse or working outside, it pays to invest in a good pair of wellies.

The Holiday Season Arrives - Christmas 2017 at Keen Gardener

The Christmas season is almost upon us – and this year, Keen Gardener is celebrating in a big way. For 2017, we’re stocking a fantastic range of products to make Christmas extra special, including indoor and outdoor decorations, lights and artificial trees, with something to turn any home into a winter wonderland.

Autumn and Winter Protection – Gas and Electric Greenhouse Heaters

Autumn has arrived and the temperatures are dropping fast. Soon, garden plants will start to die off for the winter, and it many gardeners will retreat indoors until spring arrives.

It’s a different matter in the greenhouse – and with the right gas and electric greenhouse heaters, you can continue to grow throughout the autumn and winter months, whilst protecting your tender plants from damaging cold, snow and frost.

The Hogitat - a Hedgehog Shelter for Your Garden

UK hedgehogs need your help!

Hedgehog numbers have been in decline since the 1950s, when there were an estimated 35 million in the country. Unfortunately, recent reports suggest there may be fewer than 1 million individuals left – a 30% loss in the past 15 years alone.

Trim and Proper - Autumn Lawn-care Checklist

Summer is coming to an end, and as autumn approaches, your lawn needs a bit of TLC. Look after it now, and you’re giving it the best chance of growing back thick, lush and healthy in spring 2018.

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