We might just have had the wettest winter in 40 years - but the warmer weather has now arrived, and following the record breaking May heatwave, it’s sensible to think about putting some garden watering plans and systems in place for summer 2018.

Summer is approaching, and holiday season will soon be here. Ensure that your plants don’t go thirsty when the next heatwave strikes, by investing in the right automatic irrigation and holiday watering systems from Keen Gardener.

Introducing Automatic Irrigation

The right automatic watering and irrigation systems will take the time and effort out of looking after your garden. During the summer months, it will take the work out of watering – you won’t have to worry about running round with watering cans or the hose for hours at a time.

Automated irrigation systems work on a timer – once you’ve set them up and connected them to your outside tap, they’ll automatically water your garden at pre-determined times.

There are automatic and holiday watering systems available in a range of sizes and configurations – from small systems ideal for a few pots, to expansive, multi-faceted systems that can be used to water the whole garden.

Automatic Watering Systems

Typically, automatic watering systems include a range of different components:

  • Timers and controls – to control when the watering comes on
  • Connectors – valves and connections to link your pipeline to the timer and tap
  • Pipes – pipeline that the water flows through
  • Fittings and drippers – the outlets that water your plants

You can either buy all the components separately and create your own system (check out our guide on how to do this), or you can start with a pre-assembled kit, and adapt it to meet your requirements if required.

The Automatic Irrigation Brands

At Keen Gardener, we stock systems from the two leading automatic watering brands – Hozelock and Claber. The systems are both excellent, and ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for as to which you go for.

Hozelock products tend to be slightly more cost-effective, providing an affordable route into automatic irrigation and holiday watering. Claber products tend to be slightly higher end and more specialist, with more advanced technical features. As a result, they do tend to be more expensive.  

Whichever brand you do go for, you’re guaranteed a high quality of product – with a wide range of components that fit together quickly and easily.

Hozelock Automatic Watering

With a huge range of components, from ‘set and forget’ kits to bespoke watering systems and accessories to suit every garden, there is something for everyone in the Hozelock range. The range even includes a selection of cloud based controllers, so you can water your garden from anywhere in the world!

With Hozelock, we tend to recommend starting with one of their excellent kits, like the 25 Pot Watering Kit and building your system from there.

Claber Automatic Watering and Underground Irrigation

Claber specialise in garden watering, and we stock more than 100 different products, including advanced timers, programmable irrigation systems and a wealth of different components – with something for even the largest garden. It even includes fully standalone systems like the Oasis – that don’t require tap connections.

Again, if you’re just starting out, we recommend going with an all in one kit, and developing it from there. Something like the Claber Timer Kit or the Orto Drip kit are a great place to start.

Claber also offer a wide range of underground irrigation systems, ideal for creating an advanced, complete lawn and plant-care watering system in your garden. Explore the complete range of components here.

Automatic Watering Systems for Summer and Holidays from Keen Gardener

You’ll find a comprehensive range of top quality automatic irrigation and holiday watering systems from leading brands Hozelock and Claber at Keen Gardener.

All our automatic watering products are available at unbeatable prices and backed up by our lowest price promise, so you can come to us in the confidence that you’re getting the best deal possible.

For additional information or advice on automatic watering, please get in touch with us today on 01789763336.