Every keen gardener needs a garden shed – somewhere to keep the mower, gardening tools and supplies safe, dry and organised.

The traditional wooden shed will always be in demand, but over the past few years, high quality plastic and resin sheds have become increasingly popular. In this post, we look at one of our favourite ranges of composite garden sheds for 2018 – Keter, and explore some of the benefits of choosing plastic over wood.

A market leader in plastic garden furniture, its latest range is really special, and offers something for every garden.

Introducing the Keter range

Keter is a world-leader in composite resin garden furniture – it’s been around for more than 60 years.

Keter sheds feature:

A range of sizes and styles

From compact sheds like the Keter Fusion 754 that are ideal for small gardens, to generously proportioned models like the Keter Oakland Shed 1175, there is something for every gardener in the Keter range. Designs include both contemporary and more traditional, rustic models, to fit into any garden design.


These sheds feature a range of practical features that you’ll really appreciate. Double doors for easy access, useful windows that let in plenty of light and ventilation to keep things dry and mould-free are found across the range.

Heavy duty construction

Keter sheds are high quality, durable products that are made to last. All models feature premium touches, like powder-coated hinges, heavy duty flooring and solid roofing. Some of the larger sheds also come with stainless steel reinforcement, in dependable structures that perform in the real world.

Natural, wood-effect finishes

Although the Keter sheds are composite – they all feature a wood-effect finish, with some manufactured from wood-plastic composites to add to the natural appeal.

They come supplied in a range of natural, neutral mahogany and brownish grey finishes that fit seamlessly into the garden – without immediately identifying themselves as plastic sheds. Many of the models also feature paintable exterior walls, so you can customise them to fit any garden design.

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The benefits of plastic sheds

There’s no denying the traditional charm of a wooden garden shed – but in practical terms, plastic sheds offer some serious advantages:

Better weather resistance

Unlike wooden sheds, which can leak and warp, plastic sheds are completely weather resistant – they won’t warp, and all your stored items will remain safe and dry inside.

Easier assembly

Wooden sheds can be a pain to put together – Keter plastic sheds are much quicker and easier. With pre-cut tongue and groove panels and easy to assemble pieces, they can be assembled using ordinary DIY tools.

Enhanced durability

Over time, wooden sheds can start to show their age – and should it snow heavily, it can cause real damage to the roof. A plastic shed is a durable, high performance alternative that will stand up to the worst of the British weather, and continue to look fantastic and work perfectly for many years.

Lower maintenance

Wooden sheds need looking after. From treating the wood to protect it, to re-roofing every few years to maintain the waterproofing, there can be a fair amount of effort involved. With a plastic shed, there’s no maintenance required.

Garden sheds from Keen Gardener

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