The right lighting will make a huge difference to any garden design – helping you to highlight key features, navigate paths and set the perfect ambience in your outside space.

When it comes to choosing lighting, you’ve got a few options, from hardwired mains to standalone solar. In this post, we take a look at low voltage lighting – a safe, versatile and easy to install option that you can use across the garden to beautiful effect.

Why Low Voltage?

The real benefit of using low voltage garden lighting systems is that you can install everything yourself. Don’t be put off just because you will need to use transformers - for handy DIY’ers, it’s a great way of saving money, as you won’t need to call an electrician.

The low voltage systems are really safe and easy to install. They’re pretty much fool-proof, and you won’t ever have to worry about your children or pets being electrocuted by the wiring once your system has been installed. Once in, the systems are virtually maintenance free – 12v circuits are more damp resistant than their 240v counterparts. Should anything go wrong, they are also much easier to repair.

Low voltage also means low running costs – the bulbs are up to twice as efficient as 240v mains powered lighting. New technology like LED bulbs means there’s no compromise on output – they are bright enough to use across the garden instead of mains power.

A wealth of lighting options

You really can use low voltage lighting all across the garden, and at Keen Gardener, we stock hundreds of different products, including:

  • Post lights
  • Spot lights
  • Deck lights
  • Wall lights
  • Decorative lighting
  • Accessories
  • Bulbs

You’ll also find a range of low voltage lighting sets – the perfect starting point for your garden lighting system. Low volt lighting systems are modular, and with a few transformers, the right cabling and a few connectors, you can create a fully bespoke system that spans the whole garden.

To explore the full Keen Gardener range, head over to the low voltage garden lighting page.

Creating your 12V Lighting System

Don’t be put off just because these are DIY install systems – with a little planning and the right equipment, creating your perfect garden lighting design is easy.

  1. 1.       Plan

Create a plan of your garden, thinking about where you’re going to put lights, and what their purpose is.

  1. 2.       Select your lighting

Choose from hundreds of low voltage garden lighting products at Keen Gardener.

  1. 3.       Buy the right transformer

Add up all the different wattages of your lighting system, and purchase a transformer that’s big enough to handle them all.

  1. 4.       Get the cabling and connectors

Purchase all the cabling, connectors and dividers you need. You’ll need to measure the distance between the lights and the outdoor socket, and know how many lights you’re using.

If you want to go more advanced, you can even pick up a few timers and sensors!

  1. 5.       Install

Plug everything in and connect it. You’ll probably want to bury the cabling, to keep it safe and out of sight, whilst minimising the tripping hazard.

You’ll also find extensive advice on creating your low voltage lighting system in our handy information guide -

Low Voltage Lighting from Keen Gardener

You’ll find a fantastic range of Low Voltage Lighting products, including lights, bulbs, cables, connectors and lighting packages at Keen Gardener, from top brands including Luxform and Techmar Garden Lighting.

All our low voltage garden lighting products are available at unbeatable prices, and come backed up by our Lowest Price Promise.

We’re here to help, and if you would like any advice on component selection or system design, please don’t hesitate to call our team today on 01789 763 336.