How does your garden glow?

It’s easy to overlook, but garden lighting systems are one of the most effective ways of transforming your outside space. From adding texture and accentuating key features, to making it more practical for use long into the evenings – the right garden lighting system can massively enhance any garden.

At Keen Gardener, you’ll find a wide range of garden lighting systems – from decorative, standalone solar lights, to complete mains powered lighting systems.

We also supply a range of low voltage (12v) garden lighting - a safe, versatile alternative to mains lighting you can install yourself. In this post, we take a look at low voltage lighting, and explore one of our favourite ranges – Ellumiere.

Introducing Ellumiere

Ellumiere is a completely modular 12V garden lighting system, suitable for creating bespoke lighting systems to meet the requirements of any outside space.

It includes a collection of deck lights, spotlights and bollard lights – ideal for creating useful task and accent lighting all around the garden, lawn, paths, beds, borders and patios. The lighting systems feature a clean, contemporary design, making them ideal for more modern garden designs.

The range also includes a selection of transformers, sensors and cables – which all work together to make things as easy as possible.

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12V vs Mains Lighting – Why Low Voltage?

As the name suggests, 12v garden lighting is a low voltage alternative to mains garden lighting systems.

Choosing low voltage 12v over 240v mains systems offers a number of advantages:

1. You can install it yourself

With low voltage systems, you won’t need to call an electrician – you can safely install systems yourself.

2. It’s really safe

Using low voltage eliminates the risk of electrocution, both while installing, and once the system is in. If you’ve got pets or children, it will provide real peace of mind.

3. It’s super easy

The modular systems are quick, easy and safe to install. If you can plug cables into lights, you can install these systems!

4. It’s energy efficient

Low voltage bulbs are super energy-efficient – using half the energy as some 240v lamps.

5. It’s more robust

12v systems are much more resistant to damp, and are often easier to repair than mains voltage circuits.

The only real disadvantage of using 12v systems is that you will need to use transformers as part of the circuit – but this is much easier than you might think…

Designing your Ellumiere Garden Lighting System

Creating your custom Ellumiere lighting design is really easy:

1. Select your lights

Choose from a selection of spotlights, bollards or deck lights.

2. Choose your connectors and cables

You will need one T piece adapter for each light, and enough cable to connect them all, in the places you want them to be.

3. Buy your transformer/s

You will need one for every 50m of cabling, and every 12 lights.

Alternatively, you can start out with one of the small deck light starter kits , or small spotlight starter kits , and build your design from there.

Garden Lighting from Keen Gardener

At Keen Gardener, we stock a wide range of easy to install, safe, low voltage garden lighting systems from a range of leading manufacturers including Techmar, Ellumiere and Luxform.

You’ll also find an excellent selection of mains lighting and solar lighting, with systems to light up any outside space.

All our garden lighting systems are available at unbeatable prices, and backed up by our lowest price promise.

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