Charcoal, or gas? There is no question that splits the BBQ community quite like this one – and every true grillmaster knows which side of the debate they come down on!

For traditionalists, gas is cheating – and truly mastering the art of barbecue means embracing fire and smoke cooking on a classic charcoal grill.

When it comes to choosing a charcoal BBQ, there are so many options available. At Keen Gardener, we stock dozens of grills to suit every budget, from simple barrel units and small kettle barbecues, to premium, high performance cooking systems for serious BBQ enthusiasts who demand the very best.

Enter the Kamado Joe. For barbecue masters, keen foodies and those that simply won’t compromise on performance – there’s nothing like a Kamado Joe.

Introducing Kamado Joe

The Kamado Joe is so much more than just a charcoal grill. It’s a modern take on the traditional kamado – a traditional Japanese cooking system that’s part grill, part cooker and part smoker.

Kamado Joe has taken the classic concept and transformed it into the pinnacle of modern fire and smoke cooking. It’s a range of unashamedly premium, high end ceramic cookers that can do pretty much anything – from grilling and smoke roasting to baking and frying.

You can cook in so many different ways on a Kamado Joe. For steaks, burgers and sausages with that traditional charcoal flavour, to fall off the bone, hot smoked ribs and wings, there’s nothing better. You can even use them to cook pizza.

Of course, all this performance comes at a price – but whilst there are significantly cheaper charcoal barbecues available, there are none better!

Kamado Joe – Premium Features

As you’d expect from a top-end grill, the Kamado Joe is packed with features you won’t find on other grills.

Ceramic construction

The Kamado is a heavy duty bit of kit – with thick ceramic walls designed to provide maximum insulation. This provides fantastic versatility, and enables a huge range of cooking temperatures, from low and slow to extreme sear.

The thick walls don’t just keep the heat in the grill – they also keep the moisture in, for beautifully juicy meat, every time.

Divide and conquer

The patented ‘Divide and Conquer’ cooking system is amazingly flexible. The half-moon heat deflector means you can split the grill and benefit from multiple heat zones, with both indirect heat and open flame.

In addition, the tiered grates mean no more overcrowding or endless batch cooking. It’s double the grilling space, with no compromise on cooking performance.

Customisable cooking surfaces

Kamado Joe is designed to be flexible, with the interchangeable cooking surfaces open up a huge variety of cooking options. In addition to the traditional grill, you’ll find soapstone, cast iron griddles and laser cut stainless steel grids. Whatever you want to cook, you can do it on the Kamado Joe – from meat and fish, to veggies, sides and pizza.

Kamado Joe – The Range

At Keen Gardener, we stock a selection of Kamado Joe models, including:

Kamado Joe Classic

The original Kamado Joe is ideal for garden grilling - with enough cooking space to cater for all but the largest gatherings. Features include a heavy duty cast iron cart, precision ventilation dial and slide out ash drawer for easy cleaning.

Kamado Joe Classic II

The Classic II takes the original and makes it better, with the addition of a Kontrol Tower Top Vent for better airflow, airlift hinge and AMP Firebox.

Kamado Joe Big Joe

Bigger and better! The Big Joe is ideal for those with larger families and lots of friends. With space enough to cook three full racks of ribs at a time, it’s perfect for those who love to entertain.

Kamado Joe Junior

Take your Joe on the road! The Kamado Joe might be small, but there’s no sacrifice on performance. Perfect for smaller families, or for caravan, campervan or camping – it still has enough space inside for a full chicken.  

Kamado Joe at Keen Gardener

You’ll find a full range of Kamado Joe barbecues at Keen Gardener, alongside a fantastic selection of charcoal and gas barbecues from a range of leading brands.

All our barbecues are available at unbeatable prices, and backed up by our lowest price promise. For additional information, call 01789763336 today.