Last year’s record-breaking heatwave played havoc with Britain’s gardens!

This year, take the effort out of watering your garden over the summer months with an advanced, automatic watering system.

Automatic irrigation systems aren’t just great for when you’re away – they can look after your lawn, beds, borders and pots all year round. If you’re looking to save time and effort on your routine watering, there’s nothing better.

Claber or Hozelock – Automatic Watering Brands Compared

When choosing automatic irrigation and watering systems – there are two main players:

  • Claber
  • Hozelock

We’ll start by saying both systems are excellent. Both offer a wide range of systems, kits and components. Both systems are easy to install and can be adapted to suit any garden design. Whichever you go for, you can’t really go wrong.

There is a slight difference in price. As a general rule, Hozelock products are more affordable, whereas Claber is slightly more specialist, and offers more advanced, high-end options that come at a higher price point.

At Keen Gardener, we stock systems from the two leading automatic watering brands – Hozelock and Claber. The systems are both excellent, and ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for as to which you go for.

Hozelock Automatic Watering

The Hozelock system offers a huge range of different solutions – from simple holiday watering systems, to fully automated, cloud controlled automatic watering systems that allow remote watering from your smartphone (great for unexpected heatwaves when away on holiday).

You can build a system from scratch, by purchasing components separately, but the easiest way is to start with one of their automatic watering kits , then to expand it from there. The systems are fully modular, and really easy to build – so you can adapt the system to fit your individual watering needs.

Claber Automatic Watering and Underground Irrigation

Garden watering specialists Claber have hundreds of products available – with systems to suit everything from a few garden pots up to the largest gardens.

As with Hozelock, the irrigation kits are a good starting point – but you can go as advanced as you want. Claber has a huge range of timers, components and connectors, as well as standalone kits that don’t need to be connected to taps or mains electricity.

Another big selling point for Claber is their underground irrigation systems. This takes automatic watering to the next level, by creating fully integrated, invisible underground watering systems that provide an elegant alternative to over-ground irrigation cables. Using the underground irrigation system, it’s possible to create a complete lawn and plant watering system for any garden.

Creating your Automatic Watering System

Whichever brand you choose, all automatic irrigation systems are made up of a selection of the following parts and components:

· Controllers and timers – so you can set your watering schedule

· Valves and connectors – connecting all the components together

· Pipes and cables – that takes the water from your garden tap to the plants

· Drippers and fittings – where the water comes out of

· Pipes – pipeline that the water flows through

· Fittings and drippers – the outlets that water your plants

It might sound daunting, but building your own system from scratch isn’t that hard – our handy automatic watering guide will show you how (same principles apply to the Claber products).

Alternatively, you can start with a watering kit, and expand/adapt it from there to fit your design.

Automatic Watering Systems from Keen Gardener

You’ll find a fantastic range of top quality automatic watering systems at Keen Gardener, with hundreds of products from leading brands Hozelock and Claber.

All watering products are available at unbeatable prices and backed up by our lowest price promise, so you can come to us in the confidence that you’re getting the best deal possible.