Britain is full of fantastic wildlife – and making sure your garden is accommodating to birds, bees, insects and mammals is a great way to help ensure it continues to flourish for generations to come.

We’ve recently introduced a range of wildlife products designed by TV Naturalist Simon King OBE. From nesting boxes and Bat racks, to feeders and wildlife hides, there’s something in the range for every wildlife lover.

In this post, we take a look at some of the highlights of the range, and show you how you can transform your garden into a haven for birds, mice, hedgehogs and more.

Introducing the Simon King Wildlife World Range

Wildlife World is a selection of top quality wildlife products from Simon King OBE – including a range of bird boxes, wildlife habitats, bat boxes, hides and a hedgehog feeder.

All the products in the range have been intelligently designed and/or tested by Simon himself – so you can buy them with the confidence that they’re absolutely fit for purpose, well made, and will perform exactly as they should.

Expect sustainable, naturally inspired materials, innovative, practical designs and top quality construction, in products that are ideal for nature lovers, gardeners and wildlife photographers alike.

Selected Wildlife World Range Highlights

Simon King Ultimate Wildlife Hide

If you’re a keen wildlife photographer, this is the ultimate hide. A multi-award winning hide with multiple windows, this lightweight, pop up hide is the perfect space to observe and record wildlife. Strong and shower proof, it’s finished in camouflage polyester, so it blends in perfectly in woodland settings.

Simon King Bat Rack Roost

Provide bats with a warm, safe and convenient place to roost in your roof-space, with this specially designed Bat Rack. Suitable for siting in any roof space, it’s the perfect place for bats to rest and roost.

Simon King Predator Proof Bird Nest Box

Give small nesting birds a safe place to call home in your garden, with this predator proof nest box. Made from solid FSC certified timber, it features an extra deep design to protect the inhabitants from cats, rats and predatory birds.

Simon King Solar Night Feeder for Mammals

Hedgehogs need all the help they can get! Watch them while they feed, with this solar powered feeder. A light illuminates at dusk, so you can see them feeding and drinking. The easy clean bowls come protected by a Perspex archway.

Simon King Brushwood Tree Nest Pouch

Birds and mice will simply love this tree nesting pouch – it’s the perfect place to call home. This unique wildlife habitat fits quickly and easily to your favourite tree, and features an integral waterproof membrane to keep the inhabitants safe when the weather turns.

Explore the complete Simon King Wildlife World Range today.

Wildlife products at Keen Gardener

You’ll find a fantastic range of wildlife products at Keen Gardener – with hundreds of feeders, homes, habitats and baths for creatures great and small. We can also help you look after your own pets, with a range of high quality food for pigeons, hamsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits.

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