Summer 2019 is here, and the warmer weather is on its way. Are you prepared?

Last year’s long heatwave took its toll on Britain’s gardens – with parched plants and crispy brown lawns defining summer 2019.

When the weather turns hot and dry, watering your lawn is really important if you want to keep it lush and green. A hosepipe simply isn’t enough – to look after your lawn properly, you’ll want to invest in a quality garden sprinkler.

At Keen Gardener, we stock a wide variety of garden sprinklers and lawn sprinklers from leading brands Hozelock and Claber, with something for gardens of every size and shape.

Here are our picks of the best garden sprinklers – ideal for keeping your lawn in tip-top condition over the summer.

Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler Pro 200 SQ M Aquastorm 2 in 1

This might just be the ultimate home lawn sprinkler!

With two spray patterns and 20 jets, it covers around 200m2 at once, making it ideal for lawns and established plants alike. The innovative design provides 100% even coverage regardless of your water pressure – right down to 1 bar.

In addition to the main watering function, it features a fine mist spray – ideal for nurturing young plants, seedlings and lawn seed. You can even put it in the greenhouse to damp down the whole area.

The adjustable nozzles can be quickly changed to water a defined rectangle, with spray pattern adjustment for maximum control.

Great for larger lawns and vegetable patches.

Claber Impact on Tripod Base Professional Sprinkler

If you’ve got a big lawn, you’ll definitely want to consider this professional grade sprinkler.

The adjustable tripod design means this sprinkler can cover up to 572m2 at once – enough to irrigate the largest of gardens. The pulsating sprinkler rotates, and can be easily adjusted to cover any area, from 0° - 360° - providing a constant uniform rain effect. It works at a wide range of water pressures.

Manufactured to last from rust-proof, non-wear materials, it’s made for heavy duty use, and will keep your garden watered for years to come.

Claber Idrojet 2000

Low water pressure? The Claber Idrojet is the answer – with specialised adjustable nozzles designed to make best use out of every bar of pressure.

Manufactured from super-durable ABS, it features 3 sprinkler arms that cover a wide area with a light rain-effect. The rounded design makes for easy portability around the garden, and it’s ideal for looking after your lawns, beds, borders and more.

Hozelock Aquastorm 15 Sprinkler

Gardeners looking for a great value lawn sprinkler should take a look at the Aquastorm 15 from Hozelock. This oscillating sprinkler is packed with features you’d expect from much more expensive models, and is ideal for lawns, beds and borders.

It’s fitted with a new high performance turbine motor that automatically adjusts to your water pressure, providing even watering over an area of up to 180m2. The slider controls provide easy adjustment, allowing you to change the direction and degree of watering.

Garden Watering from Keen Gardener

Look after your garden for 2019 with help from Keen Gardener. We offer a full range of lawn and garden watering solutions, from watering cans, hoses, spray guns and garden sprinklers, right through to advanced automatic irrigation and watering systems.

Explore our complete range of garden watering products – you’ll find something for every lawn and garden, with leading products from trusted watering brands like Hozelock and Claber.

As with everything we stock, all our garden watering products are available at unbeatable prices and come backed up by our lowest price promise.