How Does Your Garden Glow? 12V Garden Lighting from Ellumiere

The right lighting will transform any garden design – enhancing key features, and enabling you to use it long into the evenings.

At Keen Gardener, we offer a wide range of mains voltage and 12V garden lighting systems, with something to suit every outside space.

In this post, we take a look at Ellumiere, a fantastic modular low voltage lighting system that makes creating your perfect garden lighting system easier than ever before.

Transforming Your Garden with Ellumiere

Thanks to the unique Connext system, Ellumiere lighting is completely modular – allowing you to create fully customised lighting schemes to suit the requirements of your garden, lawn, paths and patios.

It includes a selection of contemporary deck lights, bollard lights and spotlights.

Once you’ve created a lighting plan for your garden, creating your Ellumiere system is as simple as:

1. Choosing your lights

The Ellumiere collection includes a selection of deck lights, bollard lights and spotlights – perfect for brightening up any space.

2. Picking your connectors and cables

You’ll need a T-piece adapter for every light (except the last one in the line) and enough cabling to connect them all. You can also enhance your system with the addition of an automatic light sensor .

3. Getting your transformer

You’ll need one Ellumiere transformer for every 12 lights, and each transformer can manage up to 50m of cabling.

Now all you need to do is plug in, and you’re ready to go!

If you don’t want to build a system from scratch, Ellumiere offers a range of starter kits – which you can extend and adapt to suit the requirements of your garden.

Explore the complete Ellumiere range today

Lighting Control at Your Fingertips

Let there be light!

One of the best things about the Ellumiere system is the companion app – you can control your garden lights with your mobile. The versatile app means you can adjust everything, from the brightness of individual lights, to complete lighting systems. You can even create separate control zones.

Whether you want to illuminate your garden when entertaining, or want to use them for security at night – the app puts you in complete control of your garden lighting at all times.

The Benefits of Low Voltage

At Keen Gardener, we’re big fans of 12V lighting systems for gardeners – we reckon they’re the best solution for the vast majority of spaces.

The fact you can install it yourself, without having to call an electrician, is a real benefit. Many people are put off, because they have to use transformers – but it’s much easier than it sounds. The Ellumiere system is plug and play, fitting together quickly and easily with no specialist tools required. Should they break at any point, they can be repaired and swapped easily.

12V lighting is also much safer than mains systems. They are damp-proof, and have a significantly lower risk of electrocution.

Low Voltage Garden Lighting from Keen Gardener

You’ll find an extensive range of low voltage lighting systems at Keen Gardeners, from leading industry names including Ellumiere, Luxform and Techmar.

All our low voltage lighting systems are available at unbeatable prices, and backed up by our lowest price promise.

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