At Keen Gardener, we don’t just do gardening and BBQs – you’ll also find an excellent range of power tools for keen DIY’ers!

This year, we’ve begun stocking an excellent range of Bosch DIY power tools, with products to help you with a wide variety of home improvement and hobby work. The range includes screwdrivers, cutters, sprayers, sanders, drills and more – with something to suit every job.

In this post, we take a look at the range, explore some highlights, and explain why we think they’re a great buy if you’re in the market for some new tools.

Introducing the Range

We’re stocking a hand-picked selection of tools from across the Bosch DIY product range, including screwdrivers, cutters, sprayers, sanders, drills and more. As with all the products we sell, they’re available at unbeatable prices, and come backed up by our Lowest Price Promise.

Explore the full range of Bosch DIY Power Tools here.

Why Bosch DIY Power Tools?

At Keen Gardener, we only stock products that we’re happy to use ourselves, and the Bosch DIY range definitely fits the bill. We’ve been stocking Bosch’s excellent range of lawnmowers and garden tools for some time – and jumped at the chance to add these tools to our offering.

Bosch isn’t a world-leading, household name for nothing – it’s got a well-deserved reputation for producing high quality, durable equipment that performs as it should, and lasts for years. In terms of functionality, performance, ease of use and value for money, we reckon these are some of the finest handheld DIY tools available on the market today.

Ultimate Flexibility - The Bosch IXO

One of our favourite highlights from the Bosch range is the amazing Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver Package. Powerful, comfortable and with a USB connector for quick, easy charging, this popular power tool is now in its 5th generation, and offers so much more than other electric screwdrivers.

The big difference with the IXO is that it’s so flexible, and can be quickly and easily adapted with a wide range of accessories and modular heads, including angled heads, grass trimming tools, BBQ lighters and even a corkscrew. Now, you can open up a bottle of wine to celebrate the first lighting of the barbecue you’ve just built!

The initial package comes with standard, angled and offset screwdriver adapters for getting into a range of tight spaces. Other accessories are sold separately – explore the full Bosch IXO range today.

Cutting Costs with Interchangeable Batteries

The new collection also includes DIY tools that use the standard Bosch 18 Lithium Ion battery pack:

This means you can buy tools bare (without a battery), and share batteries across the range, saving space, and cutting the cost of expanding your power tool arsenal. The batteries can also be used to power a full range of products in the Bosch 18 LI range of gardening tools, which includes a range of hedge cutters, strimmers, trimmers and leaf blowers.

Bosch Power Tools and Gardening Equipment at Keen Gardener

You’ll find more than 100 Bosch products at Keen Gardener at unbeatable prices, available for swift delivery nationwide.

From lawnmowers and garden tools, to pressure washers, DIY equipment and the latest Lithium Ion batteries, Keen Gardener has you covered.