Heating your greenhouse is a necessary but often money-consuming task. However, for smaller areas requiring frost protection, paraffin could be the solution you’ve been looking for. As an alternative to both electric and gas, paraffin is a more traditional option. The Bio Green Warmax range of paraffin greenhouse heaters will protect your plants and help your seeds to grow. Ideal for smaller greenhouses and one of the simplest of greenhouse heaters, the Warmax is inexpensive to buy can be used for small spaces or as a backup for a main heater.

The Bio Green Warmax Paraffin Heater keeps your greenhouse frost-free up to 5m². There are two versions of this very popular heater. Warmax Power 4 for up to 4m² or the Warmax Power 5 with double burner suitable for heating up to 5m². This robust paraffin heater ensures frost free warmth for days on end, even during extremely cold weather, thanks to its powerful high-quality burner. The heater's hardy construction is designed for many years of use. Common complaints over the use of paraffin about the length of burning time have been addressed with the Bio Green Warmax Power Paraffin heaters. The 13 inch extra-long wick provides 40% longer burning time compared to wicks on conventional units. In-keeping with the overall look and styling of paraffin heaters, the Bio Green Warmax is a traditional design, but uses modern efficiency. They are easy to use and energy efficient and come with a 2 year Bio Green warranty to give you peace of mind.