UK hedgehogs need your help!

Hedgehog numbers have been in decline since the 1950s, when there were an estimated 35 million in the country. Unfortunately, recent reports suggest there may be fewer than 1 million individuals left – a 30% loss in the past 15 years alone.

A loss of habitat and threats from human habitation, pets and predators are threatening their very survival, but there is some hope for the Hedgehog. British gardens can provide a safe haven for this fabulous nocturnal mammal – as long as they provide the right shelter.

In this post, we look at the Hogitat, a specially designed shelter from Wildlife World, designed to help provide hedgehogs with a safe, dry and protected place to rest in your garden.

What is the Hogitat?

The Hogitat is a safe haven in your garden – providing hedgehogs and other small mammals with a safe, dry and protected retreat from the many threats that face them in the garden. Traditionally, hedgehogs like to shelter in compost heaps, stacks of wood, piles of leaves and bonfires – leaving them at threat from keen gardeners wielding garden tools and fire!

The Hogitat features a sturdy, rust-proof frame, a water-proof roof and a natural, brush wood finish (colours may vary) – providing an inviting shelter for visiting hedgehogs. It features a specially designed entrance, designed to deter and protect against potential predators, including pets, badgers and foxes.

It’s designed primarily as a shelter, and not for hibernation. However, if suitably covered and camouflaged with a selection of leaves, brushwood, branches or foliage, then a hedgehog may well choose to make a home of it over the winter months!

Locating and setting up your Hogitat

If you’re purchasing a Hogitat, it’s important that you locate it in a suitable position in the garden. Nestling it in a secluded, flat raised area is best, positioned so that the entrance is pointing very slightly downhill (if there is one) and away from the prevailing wind. You want to make it easy for the hedgehog to come and go as it pleases, so remove any debris that could obstruct the entrance.

It’s important that the Hogitat is secured to the ground, so anchor it using some heavier branches. This will help to prevent the Hogitat from being disrupted, shaken or moved by weather or pets.

You’ll also want to cover it with foliage to camouflage it. A combination of leaves, twigs and branches work particularly well. To make it more inviting, you’ll also want to place some short cut lengths of dry grass, leaves, straw or hay inside – so they can make a warm, comfy nest.

Further reading

A Hogitat is a great way of supporting the conservation of hedgehogs – but it’s just the start. If you would like to know more about Hedgehogs, and how to help them in your garden, check out the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

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