Summer is coming to an end, and as autumn approaches, your lawn needs a bit of TLC. Look after it now, and you’re giving it the best chance of growing back thick, lush and healthy in spring 2018.

Keep your lawn healthy, weed free and looking its best - and keep it safe until spring by following our top autumn lawn-care tips.

Weed and Feed

Moss and weeds can build up during the wet winter months. Get a head start and eliminate them by doing a final weed and feed at the start of September, while the grass is still growing. If you’ve got any bare patches or bald spots in your lawn, early autumn is a good time to reseed them. You’ll find a great range of lawn care treatments at Keen Gardener.

You can also use specialist autumn and winter lawn feed during the autumn. This will strengthen the roots and toughen up the lawn for the harsh winter months.

One last cut

When the clocks go back, the days get shorter and the temperatures fall, lawn growth slows. When the lawn stops growing, it’s time for one final cut - which is the single most important trim of the year.

It’s best to do the final cut when the grass is dry and to collect all the clippings, to prevent them rotting and promoting mould and moss. Leave the lawn longer than usual, at about 5cm/2” (move the mower blades a couple of notches up).

Keep on top of the leaves

We’ve talked about this on the blog before - autumn leaves destroy lawns! Wet, rotting leaves damage the lawn, killing the grass, encouraging mould and moss. It’s really important to keep on top of the leaves throughout the autumn and winter months, removing them from your garden at least once a week, if not more often.

Removing leaves from the lawn is a thankless task, but it’s much easier with the right equipment. Leaf blowers are the best solution for larger gardens. You’ll find a fantastic range of cordless electric and petrol leaf blowers to suit every garden at Keen Gardener.

Aerate and scarify

Many gardeners never bother to aerate or scarify their lawns, but it’s essential if your grass is going to look its best. Twice a year, in late autumn and early spring should be enough to keep on top of moss and thatch.

For smaller gardens, you can do the process manually, using an ordinary garden rake, or even better, a scarifying rake. Be aware this is a labour intensive, long process - we wouldn’t recommend tackling a larger lawn without a dedicated scarifier.

At Keen Gardener, we offer a range of petrol and electric scarifiers, that will tear through moss and thatch in no time. They operate in the same way as your mower, and will leave your lawn in a much healthier position over the winter.

After scarifying, it’s best to follow up with a deep aeration to help improve drainage and reduce soil compaction. Use a spiked fork or lawn rake to complete this process.

How Keen Gardener can help

At Keen Gardener, you’ll find a fantastic range of lawn care products designed to keep your lawn looking its best all year round – all at unbeatable prices and backed up by our Lowest Price Promise.