Summer 2017 is in full swing – and the recent heatwave has meant extra hours spent watering the garden.

A dry spring and hot summer are depleting UK reservoirs, and there’s a real risk of a hosepipe ban if the weather continues. Ensure that you’re prepared and fit your garden with a water butt – the safe, environmentally friendly way to water your garden this summer.

Here’s what you need to look for.

The benefits of a water butt

There are a huge number of benefits to installing a water butt in your garden:

  • Quick and easy to install – wherever you need it
  • Water where you need it – ideal for large gardens
  • Collect free rainwater – cut the cost of watering your garden
  • Environmental benefits – reducing the impact on water resources
  • Available water for the summer – great for dry spells and hosepipe bans
  • Rainwater contains no added chemicals – it’s naturally better for your plants

The Right Water Butt for Your Garden

Water butts come in a range of sizes and shapes – with something to suit every garden.

This slim-line Stewart 100 Litre Mini Rain-saver Kit includes everything needed including a butt, stand and rainwater diverter. It’s a space saving solution that’s great for smaller gardens. For larger spaces, the Harcostar 227 Litre Waterbutt has plenty of capacity to keep your garden watered through extended dry spells.

They don’t all look like big plastic tubs – at Keen Gardener, we particularly like these Stewart Oak Effect Water Butts (also available in 235L capacity) designed to look like traditional oak water ir whisky barrels.

Stands and Accessories

After purchasing a water butt, you’ll need to invest in a stand (unless it comes supplied with one as part of a kit) to place it on and keep it stable. This large water butt stand is suitable for all water buts up to 515mm base diameter.

You may also want to invest in a rain-trap diverter – this attaches to a downpipe and collects rainwater for storing in your water butt. Over time, water stored inside butts can develop nasty algae, slime, odour and scum. Water butt treatment, like this product from Hozelock will keep water clean and clear.

More Power – Pump Your way to a Better Butt!

Water butts aren’t just great for filling up your watering cans – fit them with the right accessories, and you can even run a hosepipe, sprinkler or automatic watering system from them.

This Hozelock 3 in 1 Water Butt Pump is ideal. This self-priming, high pressure pump delivers 1.1 bar – that’s around as much as the pressure from your tap. Simply install into your water butt, plug into the mains, and you’re ready to go.

It’s a great way of beating the hosepipe ban, without wasting hours watering your garden manually.

Water Butts from Keen Gardener

You’ll find a great range of fabulous water butts in different shapes, sizes and styles at Keen Gardener. Just as with all the products we sell – they’re available at unbeatable prices, backed up by our Lowest Price Promise.