Britain’s wild birds need all the help they can get, and adding a bird feeder to yourgarden is a great way to support them. Of course, you’ll benefit too - enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of wild birds all year round.

This month, we’re looking at a fantastic collection of handmade bird tables from Riverside Woodcraft, a British manufacturer with some simply stunning products.

Introducing Riverside Woodcraft

At Keen Gardener, we’re always on the lookout for products from independent British manufacturers who share our values. Riverside Woodcraft fits the bill perfectly.

A family run business based in Staffordshire, they manufacture a unique range of bird tables (and hedgehog houses) by hand, in the UK, using environmentally sustainable materials and animal friendly wood treatments. The results are sturdy, beautiful timber bird tables in a range of sizes, styles and designs – available at excellent, value for money prices.

Whether you’re looking for something to enhance the appeal of your garden, or want to provide visiting birds with a safe, sheltered feeder, there is something in the Riverside Woodcraft Collection for every garden.

The Riverside Woodcraft Collection – Highlights

All Riverside Woodcraft products are unique – the company owns all its designs, and produces a range of products in different styles to suit every space.

The collection includes hanging tables, feeding stations and standalone tables – with classic, heritage designs that will enhance every garden. The collection includes:

Riverside Woodcraft Bird Tables

The collection includes standalone bird tables in a range of sizes and styles, from small, simple timber bird tables, to expansive artisanal inspired designs suitable for feeding lots of birds at once.

All the bird tables are hand made in the UK, and many come with dedicated slate roofing, a beautiful touch that also provide excellent shelter from the elements all year round – so visiting birds can take a break from the British weather whilst feeding in your garden.

Explore the complete Riverside Woodcraft collection.


Riverside Woodcraft Bird Feeding Station

Hang a range of feeding hangers from this dedicated station. Great for providing a central platform for providing multiple different feeds and seeds, it will help you to attract a wide range of bird species into your garden.

A great alternative to hanging feeders in trees, it will provide you with better visibility of the birds feeding. The design doesn’t have a top – providing a more natural, inconspicuous profile than traditional bird tables.


Riverside Woodcraft Hanging Bird Table

A traditional, solid wood bird table with a classic design, it’s suitable for hanging from trees, hanging basket hooks or from the Riverside Woodcraft Bird Feeding Station. The classic, timeless design will bring rustic charm to any space – whilst providing years of faithful service.


Riverside Woodcraft Ground Feeder

Some birds, like pigeons, thrushes and dunnocks prefer to feed from the ground – attract low level feeders you your garden with this dedicated ground feeder. It’s an excellent secondary table for big gardens and keen bird watchers.

Features include solid, heavy construction, with raised edges to prevent feed from falling off. Simply cover with your favourite seed, feed or suitable titbits, and watch wild birds flock to your garden all year round.


Beautiful bird tables and feeders from Keen Gardener

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