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A New Grill in Town – Introducing the Beefeater Barbecues

Barbecue season might still be a few months away – but it’s never too early to invest in a new grill for the year ahead. At Keen Gardener, our team of barbecue specialists has been spending the cold winter months scouring the market to source the best new products available. This year, we’ve struck barbecue gold – with a simply stunning range of new models from Australian barbecue specialists Beefeater Barbecues.

Feel the power! Introducing the Bosch Aquatak Pressure Washers

Cleanliness is next to godliness – or so the old saying goes! Whether you want to clean your car or bring your patio flagstones, driveway or decking back to their original shining best, the right pressure washer will make things a lot easier.

Perfect propagation – transforming your greenhouse with heat mats

January isn’t a great time for planting – we’ve still got several months of poor light and low temperatures before the year’s growing season begins in earnest. However, if you’re anything like the Keen Gardener team, you’ll be itching to get started with your propagation for the year ahead. With the right equipment, you can get a couple of months’ head start, and start propagating your seedlings in the greenhouse before the end of winter.

Turn up the heat – a guide to electric propagators

It’s the middle of winter – and outside of a few hardy veggies, there are precious few opportunities for winter planting. That’s where an electric propagator comes in – enabling you to grow from seed much earlier, providing a nurturing environment where seedlings can flourish before you plant them in the greenhouse or garden in early spring.

Perfect Products for Eco Gardeners – Introducing Neudorff

At Keen Gardener, we’re always looking for the best new gardening brands and products to add to our offering. This year, we’ve begun stocking a wide range of products from Neudorff, a German company that’s been producing high quality, natural gardening solutions for more than 160 years.

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