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Why we can’t help but love Patio Heaters

Extend the summer season and live the alfresco lifestyle all year round by simply switching on your patio heater. Patio heaters create welcome warmth as well as providing a stylish and attractive ambience.

Animal and Insect habitats

Keep your pest problems to a minimum by installing animal/insect habitats into your garden. By encouraging ladybirds into your garden you can be sure to reduce to number of pesky aphids which feed on your plants. A natural predator of greenfly and blackfly, the ladybird will be a welcome addition and help keep pests infestations under control.

Looking After and Maintaining Orchids

Not only are orchids, eye catching, colourful and beautiful but they are one of the most developed of plant families with the region of twenty thousand different species.

Adding a Water Feature to your Garden

Water features can add an element of interest to any garden, patio or decking area and creating a talking point amongst visiting family and friends. You may be pleasantly surprised how an area of your garden can be transformed by the simple addition of water.

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