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The Story of Weber

When George Stephen, founder of Weber-Stephen Products Co., designed his first kettle-shaped barbecue grill in 1951, he sparked a backyard revolution. Tired of complaining about flat, open braziers that exposed his food to wind, ashes, and charring flare-ups, he decided to put a lid on it - literally.

A Greenhouse without the Costs

If you desire the benefit of a green house, but have inadequate space or insufficient finances, consider using a four tier mini green house. These are the perfect solution for the Keen Gardener who is wanting to propagate seeds and nurture plug plants.

How to choose a BBQ

As the weather warms up, we all enjoy our outdoor cooking and entertaining. If you are cooking outside on a regular basis you will want a good quality barbecue. But do you choose charcoal or gas?

Grow-your-own vegetable advice

We love the satisfaction you get from growing your our own vegetables and experimenting with different varieties each year, and we are approached daily for advice by our customers.

Raised Bed Planting Tips

In the current climate more and more people are looking to save money and we are seeing an increase in the grow you own culture. A great method of growing vegetables is to use raised beds, as this method is becoming more and more popular here are a few tips that the keen gardener should be aware of.

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