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What’s new for BBQ fans in 2010?

Weber charcoal barbecue models have been upgraded with new features such as black ash catchers, 20cm wheels and convenient charcoal measuring cups. 2010 sees the birth of Weber’s first four-legged charcoal barbecue.

Plan ahead to save water and money Using a Water Butt

Healthy gardens don't just happen by chance; they take a lot of planning and care. As gardeners, we rely heavily on nature and the key to successful gardening is to work alongside mother nature and make the most of what she has to give.

Tool Care

In these quieter months, it is advisable to spend some time maintaining your garden tools.

Lawn care in winter

During winter, the harsh weather can have adverse effects on your lawn, but with some simple maintenance, this will be easy to overcome and you will soon be enjoying a beautiful lawn when spring comes around.

Paraffin Greenhouse Heaters

Heating your greenhouse is a necessary but often money-consuming task. However, for smaller areas requiring frost protection, paraffin could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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