Free wine voucher worth £60 off a case of wine over £99.99 - Terms Apply


So you have found a product we are running a cashback promotion on? Great news, our cashback offers are simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. 1. Purchase an item online that has our cashback banner advertised on the product page. Cashback redemption validity for your order can be viewed on the shopping cart page prior to purchase.
  2. 2. Complete your order online entering your email address and your cashback will be verified on your email order confirmation.
  3. 3. To redeem simply place your next order online using exactly the same email address and your casback balance will be automatically removed from the total due on the order and will be verified in the order review section of the checkout prior to payment.

Cashback terms:

We try to keep things simple for redeeming our cashback offers but you should be aware of the following terms.

  • Our casback offer has no monetary value and is redeemed as a discount off your next order within the communicated validity period.
  • Cashback is available for 1 month from the date of your order - after this period cashback is lost and not redeemable.
  • We can not offer a discount off your original purchase in exchange for waiving your cashback.
  • Cashback may only be redeemed via an online purchase and is not transferrable.
  • If an order is returned for a refund, then any cashback spent is deducted from the refund applicable and any cashback remaining cancelled.
  • Cashback is applicable to items displaying our cashback banner only.