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Claber 1 inch Female 24 V. Solenoid Valve

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Claber 1 inch Female 24 V. Solenoid Valve
Reference: CLAB-908240000
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Solenoid with silt filter. Reinforced structure to withstand mechanical and thermal stresses. Operates with all types of multi-line timers at 24 V AC. With 1” female inlet and outlet thread. Body in fibre glass reinforced nylon, stainless steel metal components. Low speed shut-off device to prevent pressure shock. Optional manual opening/shut-off control. Solenoid with faston type connectors. Operating pressure from 0,5 to 12 bar. Flow rate from 4,6 to 96 l/min. Operating temperature range +5° to +70°.

shock-proof and weather resistant
faston coupling
manual opening control
low speed shut off device to prevent pressure shock



Resulting from Claber research and experience, a highly technological, 100% reliable solenoid valve. Made with resistant, perfectly watertight materials, tested at the highest pressures for domestic applications (up to 12 bar), but ideal even for lower pressures, it is equipped with a filter that traps any impurities in the water, expelling them from the irrigation circuit the next time it is started up.