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Easy Access Cold Frame

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Easy Access Cold Frame
Reference: TWOW-EACF
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This Easy Access Standard Cold Frame has been designed developed to make the best use of available space whilst providing a good environment for healthy plant growth, hardening off or over-wintering. Framework - sturdy, 16 gauge maintenance-free, lightweight aluminium bolted together with aluminium round head bolts & nuts. Glazing - all sides & top glazed with almost clear 4mm double-skinned polycarbonate allowing good light transmission, with the added benefits of the light being diffused for healthy plant growth & excellent heat retention. Access & Ventilation - a single hinged sloping lid with sturdy locking brackets on either side allow excellent access & ventilation.



Growing Space - 8" (20cm) front panel enables seed trays to be placed right up to the front edge of the cold frame, with room for the seedlings to grow. The lid slopes up to an 8" (20cm) flat top, allowing smaller plants to be placed towards the front of the frame, larger plants towards the back. Cold Frame Shelf - 6" (15cm) wide x 48" (122cm) long aluminium tray 8" (20cm) from the top of the cold frame ideal for half or quarter seeds trays or single pots to catch maximum light. Base - an unglazed base with four angle brackets, allowing easy anchorage to gravel, paved or grassed areas - either permanently by screwing through the pre-drilled holes or weighting across the bracket so it can be moved if required. Placing directly on soil gives the added option of being able to grow straight from the ground - giving your plants a gentle start & moving the lightweight cold frame as they become hardy. Dimensions: 4' (122cm) long, 2' (61cm) wide, 2' (61cm) high.