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Electric Shredder


What to do with all that woody garden waste that’s not suitable for the compost heap? Shred it! An electric garden shredder will chop, cut and splice its way through all types of garden debris up to 45mm width, leaving you with material that can be safely composted and used for fertiliser or garden mulch. Recycling in the garden has got to be the best option rather than burning or sending to a landfill site.

An electric garden shredder will also shred paper and cardboard, leaves and weeds, all of which can be used as a weed suppressing surface mulch around the vegetable plot or for use on herbaceous beds and borders. We stock a range of robust but lightweight electric garden shredders that will tackle most garden waste problems.

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    Bosch AXT 25TC 2500w Electric Quiet Garden Shredder
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  2. Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Electric Shredder
    In Stock - Fast Delivery
  3. Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Shredder
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