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In the colder months and for many greenhouse owners it is time to think about protecting plants from the frost and maintaining a consistent temperature for plant growth. Here we explore some of the questions to ask before investing in a greenhouse heater, including the advantages and disadvantages of an electric greenhouse heater, paraffin greenhouse heater or a gas greenhouse heater, the heater you need for the size of your greenhouse.

Should I choose an electric greenhouse heater or gas greenhouse heater?

Electric Greenhouse Heaters

Gas Greenhouse Heaters

Good Lack of fumes

Good No need for electricity supply

Good Fan assisted heaters allow for better distribution of heat
and often thermostatically controlled

Good Easy solution

Cross Only convenient if power supply in or near greenhouse

Cross Not as efficient as electric

Cross More expensive to buy

 Produces fumes


What size is your greenhouse?

A good way to compare greenhouse heaters is by what size they cater to. Here is our range in order of greenhouse sizes they will heat as recommended by the manufacturers:

24 sq.ft. (frost protect only): Bio Green Frost Buster 300w

48 sq.ft. (frost protect only): Bio Green Frost Buster 800w

55 sq.ft.: Proheater 1.5Kw

60 sq.ft.: Bio Green Palma 2Kw, Hotbox Levant 1.8Kw, Bio Green Indiana Bio Green Frosty 2500

100 sq.ft.: Bio Green Phoenix 2.8Kw, Hotbox Elite 2.8Kw, Bio Green Palma 2Kw, Bio Green Blackforest 3.5Kw, Bio Green Frosty 2500

120 sq.ft.: Proheater 3Kw, Hotobx Shilton 2.2Kw, Bio Green Phoenix 2.8kw, Bio Green Frosty 4500

350 sq.ft.: Proheater 6Kw

Bio Green Phoenix 2.8Kw Electric Greenhouse Heater

In the electric range, Bio Green Phoenix 2.8Kw Electric Greenhouse Heater is the ultimate in energy efficiency and even heat distribution. This heater will heat up to 100 sq. ft. and offers frost protection up to 180 sq. ft.

Vents in the top of the heater draw in the warm air from near the roof of your greenhouse, re-heat it and then expel the hot air through the two outlet tubes at the base.

In our opinion this heater is the best heater on the market,an extremely accurate built-in thermostat makes the heater ideal for many growers even including orchid growers.

Bio Green Black Forest Heater

For the environment and cost conscious, the Black Forest Propane Gas Heater is designed to bring you maximum benefit.

The built-in energy-saving package, with catalytic burner and thermostatic control make these heaters particularly economical and environmentally friendly.