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Hozelock Automatic Watering Guide


Automatic watering is a micro irrigation system that takes water from the tap to your plants using a simple network of narrow pipes and outlets hidden in the garden. This can be controlled manually or by a timer. Perfect for holiday watering, Takes the work out of watering, Available as a complete kit. An automatic watering system takes the work out of watering. It waters your plants properly all through the season, even if you are away.

The System

Automatic watering is a simple micro irrigation network of pipes that carry the water around the garden, and outlets that deliver it to the plants. Most Garden irrigation systems can be installed in a few hours and can be extended as your garden grows.

The Hozelock automatic watering system has been designed to be as easy as possible to understand, buy and install. The micro irrigation system is split into three sections, each is in colour coded packaging:

A - TAP FITTINGS: Connects the system to your tap

B - PIPELINE: Takes water all around your garden

C - DRIPPER: Use to water your plants and borders

Kits include everything you need to install your own automatic micro irrigation system.

Tap Fittings

The Tap connection is vital. It connects the automatic micro irrigation watering system to the mains water supply. There are three different ways to make this connection. Always use a pressure reducer to control the water pressure to ensure best performance. All installations can be automated by adding a Hozelock water computer.

1) Remote Connection: To make a remote connection to the automatic micro irrigation watering system, make a connector hose with hose end connectors at each end of some good quality garden hose. Screw an adaptor to the pressure regulator then click-fit together. Attach to a tap with a threaded tap connector.

2) Direct Connection: To make a direct connection to the automatic micro irrigation watering system, screw the pressure regulator directly onto your outside tap or electronic water timer.

3) Total Flexibility: For the most flexible connection, use a 4-way tap connector (2150) and screw the pressure regulator onto one of the four outlets.

Water Computers: Hozelock's programmable, battery-powered timers are simply screwed to an outside tap. Programming is easy and there's a manual over-ride for other watering tasks.

Pipeline Fittings

13mm supply hose system:

Hozelock's 13mm tubing is supple, long lasting and UV resistant. It uses elbows, t-pieces and joiners to make the network, along with wall clips and stakes to secure it in place. The pipe can be buried up to 5cm in the ground or covered with mulch.

Hozelock Supply Tube 25m of 13mm tube Hozelock Flow Control Valve 4mm Hozelock T Connector (4mm) Hozelock Elbow Connector Hozelock End Sleeve Hozelock Straight Connector (13mm) Hozelock Wall Clip (13mm) Hozelock Supply Tube Stake (13mm) Hozelock Blanking Plug


4mm micro tube system

The 4mm tubing takes water from the supply tube to the plants. Hozelock thick walled tubing is kink, crush and UV resistant. Use with t-pieces and in-line connectors and secure in place with stakes.

Hozelock Micro Tube 10m (4mm) Hozelock Flow Control Valve 4mm Hozelock T Connector (4mm) Hozelock Micro Tube Stake (4mm) Hozelock Tube Adaptor Connector (4mm) Hozelock Wall Clip (4mm) Hozelock Hole Punch


Dripper Fittings

You can fit any combination of Drippers, Microjets and Mini Sprinklers depending on the plants and where you want to water. The length of time your micro irrigation system needs to run for will depend on several factors, e.g. the time of year, the weather and the type of plants. Experiment until you get the best performance from your system.

Save water and help your plants by putting drippers and sprinklers close to the roots and in the shade of leaves. This way your plants will take up more water, the soil will remain moist and evaporation will be lower. The number of drippers your tap will support needs to be calculated.

Hozelock Fixed 4 Litre per hour Dripper Hozelock 4 l hr pressure compensating dripper (in-line) Hozelock 4 l hr pressure compensating dripper (end-of-line) Hozelock in line adjustable dripper Hozelock end of line adjustable mini sprinkler Hozelock 90 degree microjet Hozelock 90 Degree Microjet 2790 Hozelock 180 degree microjet Hozelock 360 degree microjet Hozelock 90 degree adjustable microjet Hozelock 180 degree adjustable microjet Hozelock 360 degree adjustable microjet Hozelock Strip Microjet Hozelock Mister Microjet Hozelock 360 degree mini sprinklers


» View Hozelock's full guide to automatic watering in your browser or right click this link and select 'save link as' to save a copy to your computer.