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What are the factors that I should consider when buying a Filter?

It is unlikely that a newly installed pond will achieve a balance where elements such as vegetation, fish and water conditions work together to maintain a clear and healthy pond. Therefore, to help keep the pond water clear, clean and healthy and to avoid unhealthy imbalances which may affect plant and animal life, it is necessary to use mechanical and biological filtration, or a combination of the two. An Ultra-Violet Clarifier is highly effective in keeping your pond free of water-borne algae, which can create green water. There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a filter, they include:

Calculating the size of your pond:

Litres: Average Length (m) x Average Depth (m) x Average Width (m) = m³
m³ x 1000 = Litres
Gallons: Average Length (ft) x Average Depth (ft x Average Width (ft) = ft³
ft³ x 6.23 = Gallons

The shape of your pond:

a) Calculating how much water a Rectangular Shaped Pond will hold:
Width (m) x Length (m) x Depth (m) = Volume m³
Volume m³ x 1000 = Litres Capacity
b) Calculating how much water a Triangular Shaped Pond will hold:
Width (m) x Length (m) x Depth (m) ÷2 = Volume m³
Volume m³ x 1000 = Litres Capacity
c) Calculating how much water a Circular Shaped Pond will hold:
Radius (m) x Radius (m) x 3.14 = Surface Area in m
Suface Area in m x Depth (m) = Volume in m³
Volume m³ x 1000 = Litres Capacity

Whether the pond is less than 0.7m (2’4”) in depth and/or is in full sunlight:

If the depth is less than 0.7m OR in full sunlight: ADD 25% to Pond Capacity e.g. Pond Capacity 1000 litres x 1.25 = effective Pond Capacity 1250 litres

If the depth is less than 0.7m AND in full sunlight: ADD 50% to Pond Capacity e.g. Pond Capacity 1000 litres x 1.50 = effective Pond Capacity 1500 litres

The animal life introduced to the pond:

This can affect your choice of filter because fish will create waste, which in turn will be filtrated.

Whether you require a pressurised filter (which can be buried e.g. Bioforce) of traditional filter:

A pressurised or compact filter such as the Bioforce is a filter which can be buried up to its lid so that it can be completely hidden near the pond. Being pressurised by the pond pump, water can be pumped up from the bioforce to the top of a waterfall. The Bioforce is ideal for pond keepers who want simplicity, clear water and a hidden filter system.

A traditional filter such as the Ecocel works in two ways. Firstly, it strains the water of solid material making it clear and secondly, the action of the beneficial bacteria growing on all the surfaces inside, make the water healthy. If these filters are to be used with a waterfall, the outlet of the filter must be higher than the waterfall.

Whether a mains supply is available for filters with a UVC:

If you choose a filter with a UVC, a mains supply will be required to power the lamp. Consideration shold also be taken into a power supply for additional pond equipment such as a pump and lighting.

Do I require any further accessories for the installation of my pond pump and filter?

The basic accessories required when installing a pump and filter, include hose and hose clips. The hose comes in various sizes ranging from 12, 20, 25, 32 and 40mm (Internal Diameter). The length and size of hose is determined by your position and size of pump and filter. A larger hose is required when using a larger pump and filter to allow a maximum flow of water to be passed through. Hose clips are required to fasten the hose onto the pump and filter; these correspond with the size of hose.

How do I keep my pond clean and solve problems such as Blanket Weed and Green Water?

Using a UV Clarifier can prevent problems such as green water and ensure your pond water is clear when used in conjunction with the right equipment. As microscopic algae cells pass the UV light, they clump together so the resultant particles are large enough to be caught in the filter foam. An alternative to UV Clarification is the use of Pond Treatments such as Green Away. This is a non-toxic algaecide which clears the pond water safely by clumping the algae together so that they sink or are removed by a filter. Green Away works with plants to create a naturally balanced pond. It is harmless to filters and all species of pond fish, plants and water-using wildlife.

Interpet Blanket Weed Buster is the latest biotechnology natural solution to the problem of blanket weed in ponds. The probiotic treatment adds bacteria to the pond that multiply to remove blanket weed and will also clear green water algae and pond sludge making it the most complete pond solution available. The unique blend of bacteria buil up to produce a clean and healthy pond by out competing the algae for available nutrients in the pond whilst consuming pond sludge. Blanket Weed Buster is a 100% natural product that is suitable for use in all ponds including ornamental, natural and koi ponds.

How do I maintain my filter and how often should I replace componenets such as the foam, the UV lamp and seals?

Every pond is different in fish stocking levels, planting levels and filtration equipment; all of which will affect the amount of work the filter has to perform. In most cases, the filter should not need cleaning more than once 2-4 weeks. However, depending on how dirty your pond is, will determine how often your filter needs to be cleaned. Here are some tips to consider when cleaning your filter:

» Always clean filter foams, brushes or media in pond water. If you clean them in tap water, the chlorine will kill the bacterium that grows in the filter. This bacterium is an important part of filtration because they break down the Ammonia and Nitrite in fish water that are harmful to fish.

» Always switch off the pump and, where necessary, the UVC before cleaning.

» Never twist foam, only squeeze it when cleaning. Twisting will reduce the life span.

» Never clean the foam too thoroughly. Filters that use open cell foam, as is the case with all Hozelock Cyprio filters, perform best when the foam is partially blocked.

» If there is a build up of lime scale on the quartz tube it needs removing so the UV light gets into the water. This can be done using cleaning agents or even vinegar.

Hozelock recommend that you service your filter annually, this will involve a complete replacement of any foams, selas, cleaning indicator and UV lamp. These are mostly available in a kit form.

Pond Pumps

We offer a wide range of Hozelock Cyprio Pond Pumps and are confident that you will find one to suit your needs. As the UK's leading manufacturer of fountain pumps and aquatic products, Hozelock Cyprio is a brand you can trust. We also offer a small complimentary range of pumps from Blagdon.

We stock one particular type of Hozelock pumps that is suitable for use with a filter:

Hozelock Aquaforce Pond Pumps

A solids handling pump is essential for the Cyprio filtration philosophy that has successfully kept ponds clear for 18 years. Get the polluting solids out of the pond into a filter where they help the growth of beneficial bacteria and can also be much more easily collected and disposed of. Aquaforce pumps are specifically designed for this purpose.

Use an Aquaforce Pump for:

In addition to filtration, Aquaforces are also excellent pumps for waterfalls and watercourses. This is because they can flow high volumes of water in continuous use, with high resistance to clogging. Of course, many customers will take pond water to a filter and then back to the pond via a waterfall. This is particularly attractive with Hozelock Bioforce filters as the water leaves the filter under pressure and so can be run up to the waterfall, leaving the Bioforce hidden below.

Key Features of Aquaforce Pumps:

The Aquaforce range has been specifically designed for continuous running with minimum cleaning. Aquaforces have the ability to pump solid particles up to 8mm without blocking (4mm with Aquaforce 2000, 3000). They are suitable for filtration, waterfalls and watercourses.

More Performance

The large intake slots at the base of the pump minimise obstruction to solid particle migration and are specifically placed at the base of the pump in order to collect solids from the floor of the pond. This design maximises the effectiveness of the pump for filtration. All Aquaforces have unidirectional rotation to maximise pumping efficiency, with open impellers to provide the solids handling capability.

More Reliable

All Aquaforces are unique in using TRF protection to prevent motor damage. All Aquaforces use ceramic shaft and bearings throughout for maximum life.

More Features

  • Each Aquaforce incorporates an anti clog cage and a Wildlife Protectin System (WPS). Just slide the lever on the side of the pump to close the intake slot holes down to as small as 2mm.
  • The hose can be positioned to lie along the bottom of the pond in any direction from the pump. The inclusion of a ball joint on the pump outlet now makes this even easier.
  • Tool free access when maintenance is required. Extra secure locking latches have been added to the cages to hold the pump firmly together.


Aquaforce pumps are guaranteed for 3 years continuous use.

Fountain Pumps

Hozelock Cascade Pond Pumps

A Cascade is the best pump for general pond keepers and newcomers to the hobby because it is designed to be very good at a choice of functions and you can change how you use it at any time with the accessories included.

Use a Cascade for:


They all come complete with a selection of distinctive spray fountains (except Cascade 450i and 700i) and the Cascade 700 to 4000 with a bell jet.


The Cascade 1000 will give a good small waterfall and the 7000 will give a torrent. Cascades from 1000 up come with a flow controller that enables them to be used for two purposes at the same time.


Using the flow controller an ornament can be connected in addition to a fountain or waterfall.


Water can be pumped to a filter and back to the pond, direct or down a waterfall.

Key Features of Cascade Pumps:

More Performance:

Cascades with the UBI multi blade impeller and OMC motor design provide unparalleled performance with low running costs; 4000LPH with 40 Watts power consumption for the Cascade 4000.

More Reliability:

All Cascades from 1000 upwards are unique in using TRF technology to protect the motor from damage. If the pump becomes blocked, this solid state technology switches the motor off until power to the motor is disconnected and the blockage removed. All Cascades from 2000 upwards use a ceramic shaft and bearings for extra life.

Easy to Use:

Easy to clean, anti clog, foam free strainer greatly increases maintenance intervals. When cleaning is required, tool free access and quick release hose connection keeps this simple.

For improved in-pond stability, the 700-4000 Cascades have an ultra low centre of gravity and wide base. The 450 outdoor pump comes with optional base plate for stability.

All Cascades except 450i have a complete range of accessories to allow a broad range of uses. Specifically the 1500-4000 Cascades now have a 'T' piece with dual flow control, telescopic extension tube, 2 fountain heads, bell jet and a quick release hose connector.

Pump and Filter Combination

Hozelock Ecoclear Pump & Filter Kits

Ecoclear kits are an economical way of purchasing the powerful Aquaforce filter pump together with a matched Bioforce UVC Filter to provide the effective answer to your pond filtration needs.

The Bioforce Filter; included in the Ecoclear kit, is a closed, pressure system holding more bacteria than a similar size normal filter. It is small enough to completely hide near the pond when it is buried up to its lid. Being pressurised by the pond pump, water can be pumped up from the Bioforce to the top of a waterfall. This makes it even easier to hide. Bioforce is ideal for pond keepers who want simplicity, clear water and an attractive hidden filter system.

The Aquaforce Pump; solids handling pump, included in the Ecoclear kit, is essential for the Cyprio filtration philosophy that has so successfully kept ponds clear for 18 years. Get the polluting solids out of the pond into a filter where they help the growth of beneficial bacteria and can also be much more easily collected and disposed of. Aquaforce pumps are specifically designed for this purpose.

Clear water is guaranteed if the correct size Ecoclear kit is used.

EasyClear All in One Pump and Filter

The new EasyClear 6000 is a fully integrated all in one unit that produces a fountain as well as filtering the pond water - it is positioned in the pond and guarantees beautiful, clear and healthy water and an attractive and reliable fountain and waterfall display.

Key Features

» An efficient integrated pump.
» Foam filters to ensure crystal clear water.
» Kaldnes biomedia to ensure healthy fish and plants.
» A 9w UVC to eliminate green water.
» Choice of fountain or waterfall.
» Easy installation with just one power cable.
» Easy, tool free maintenance.Suitable for ponds up to 6000 ltrs

Hozelock Air Pumps

Adding oxygen into a fish pond is very important for fish health, particularly in densely stocked ponds and in the summer months when oxygen levels decline.

Fish will become visibly more active in an oxygen-rich pond. We currently offer two Hozelock Cyprio Air Pumps which deliver a maximum air output of 45 litres per minute and 75 litres per minute respectively.