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Propagating your own plants can be very rewarding and also money-saving. Watching your plants grow and flourish will give you great pleasure and enjoyment, especially when you are able to see your seeds or cuttings turn into beautiful blooms ready for next year.

Most plants will germinate at around 18º – 20º C (64º - 68º F) but some require higher temperatures of up to 25º C. To ensure a constant temperature to help proper development, most gardeners use propagators. But with so many different sorts on the market it can be difficult to decipher which will suit your requirements. Below are the main areas of propagating equipment you might select to help grow your plants:

Seed Propagators

Our range of seed propagators will suit all needs, from the Jumbo Propagator, aimed at serious enthusiasts, to the range of Windowsill Propagators ideal for the early start of seedling and cutting growth.

There are a number of differently sized and priced propagators to choose from.

The Digital Propagator is a unique self-watering propagator and is supplied with a digital thermostat for ultimate control.


Heat mats can be used for propagation or localised heat and are designed for maximum flexibility for busy gardeners.

A plug-in unit that rolls up easily when not in use, heat mats are ideal for raising soil temperature around roots by about 5 – 10º C and can be used with a basic propagator or with seed trays.

Soil warming cables

Build your own propagator or use as under soil heating in your greenhouse, very economical for large areas.

Used by commercial growers, soil warming cables are mains operated, fully insulated, safe and easy to use. Warms the soil by 8-12 degrees recommended to be used with a thermostat.

Plant lamps

Why not give your plants the best possible growing conditions by providing them with the full spectrum of light all year round even in the darkest days of winter!

Also uses energy efficient bulbs to help save money and energy.