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Looftlighter Barbecue Chimenea and Fire Lighter

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Looftlighter Barbecue Chimenea and Fire Lighter
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The original Looftlighter is a Swedish patented invention that lights your charcoal, briquettes, hardwood etc. with superheated air in 60 seconds without lighter fluid. The Looftlighter is the fastest way of lighting a barbecue or hearth fire, it only takes 60 seconds. After that, leave the barbecue to burn on it's own, or speed up the process with the Looftlighter and make the charcoal barbecue-ready in 4-5 minutes. No direct flame makes Looftlighter one of the most safe fire starters. An electrical engine without fossil fuels and a heat shield in aluminum to cool down the Looftlighter as fast as possible. You will never again need chemicals to light your fire, chemicals that are harmful for human health and contribute to CO2 emissions. With the Looftlighter, its just clean hot air.