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Padamo Charcoal Quick Starter Unit

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Padamo Charcoal Quick Starter Unit
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Place the QUICK STARTER outdoors on a flat, not flammable surface. Place and light 3-4 firelighters (QUICK CUBES) on the topplate that surrounds the air nozzle. Place a charcoal chimney starter (QUICK CAN or other brand of suitable chimney starter such as Weber) containing an adequate quantity of coal/ briquettes on top of the QUICK STARTER and turn on the QUICK STARTER. In just 5 minutes you are ready to barbecue! View the VIDEO DEMO below to see for yourself.



Everybody loves to barbecue and most people prefer the charm and tradition of using charcoal grill, which also affects the flavour of your meat due to the smoke and open fire. Unfortunately, we often lack the necessary time to wait for the charcoals/briquettes to be ready for barbecuing “ The long wait is now over!

The QUICK products from Padamo Denmark are all specially designed and developed with the goal of reducing the preparation time of your charcoals/briquettes. That is why we say QUICK - BOOST YOUR BARBEQUE

our QUICK portfolio you will be ready to barbecue in just 5 minutes!

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