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Potting Bench - Aluminium

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Potting Bench - Aluminium
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Top quality aluminium Potting Bench makes potting up a pleasure. Top Tray:2" (5cm) deep, 24" (61cm) wide & 21" (53cm) front to back, with sides sloping up to 11" (28cm). The front lip prevents compost spilling onto the floor - potting-up can be a very messy job. Spare compost is easily collected through the 4" (10cm) diameter hole at the front of the tray - a cover plate is provided which doubles as a scraper for removing the compost. Storage Hopper: below the tray a 20" (51cm) high large storage hopper will hold an ample supply of compost & pots close to hand. Access is easy by removing the wooden slats.



Please note - it's better to store compost in still in its bag to prevent moisture loss. 36" (92cm) high at the front - a comfortable working height for what can otherwise be a back-breaking job. The Keengardener top quality aluminium Potting Bench - a sturdy bench with a 2" deep top working tray, approximately 24" wide by 21" front to back, with the sides sloping up to 11". The 2" front lip prevents compost spilling onto the floor.

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