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Solar Centre EVO SMD Remote Controlled Solar Floodlight

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Solar Centre EVO SMD Remote Controlled Solar Floodlight
Reference: SOLARC-SS9930
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Secure your property quickly and easily with our latest remote controlled warm white Evo SMD Remote Controlled Solar Floodlight.

This state-of-the-art solar floodlight can be mounted virtually anywhere in your property with minimal DIY skills and without the need for a mains power supply. The Evo SMD is designed to work in UK winter time and will protect your home each night for free even during lengthy power cuts.

Light On Demand!

Unlike our motion sensor lights, which only turn on when they detect motion, the Evo SMD Remote Controlled Solar Floodlight offers light on demand at the press of the button. Backed up by a whopping 10W solar panel and 32Wh battery, the Evo SMD RC can function for up to 10 hours from a full charge.

Powerful Remote Control

The supplied RF remote control has a 50m range and can work through walls and windows without line of sight. Please note the controller takes a single A23 12V 23A battery.

On Demand or Automatic

Operating the Evo SMD RC is simple. You can either use the light on demand by using the supplied remote control, or you can simply leave the light switched on where it will turn on automatically each night and turn off automatically each morning at first light. Please note that the unit will still charge when turned off.

Solar Charging Performance

In late Spring, Summer and early Autumn the Evo SMD RC will fully charge on most days giving it enough power to light for 10 hours after dark. In winter the Evo SMD RC will charge enough to light for up to 5 hours on all but the most unfavourable of winter weather days.

Why is the Evo SMD RC more expensive than the Evo SMD and Evo SMD Pro?

Both the Evo SMD and EvoSMD Pro are motion sensor lights which are designed to come on a few times each evening as and when they detect motion. The Evo SMD RC is designed to stay lit for hours at a time each night which means it needs a much bigger solar panel and much higher capacity batteries. It also uses a remote control which adds to the costs.



Works in Winter

A well positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical UK winter conditions.

Remote Control

RF remote control is included (does not require line of sight to operate the light)

No Mains

This light is solar powered and does not require mains power to work.

12 Month Warranty

Features a 12 month warranty as standard.
  • Up to 50m remote control range.
  • Warm white light output
  • Superb water proofing
  • Strong metal and toughened glass construction