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Wildlife World Beepol Lodge Without Bees

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Wildlife World Beepol Lodge Without Bees
Reference: WILD-BPLNBV
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The Beepol Lodge is a wooden habitat for which you can purchase a colony UK native ' pollinating bumblebees for the garden, orchard, vegetable plot, or simply for education and interest.



Solid FSC cedar lodge
Features wax moth trapdoor
Boosts the pollination of flowers in your garden
Helps to increase crop yield for fruit and vegetables
Contributes to the conservation of British bumblebees
Purchase bee colony annually from bee breeder of your choice. 
Bees available from April to August.
Dimensions (approx) (H x W x D): 310h x 325w x 300d

The BPLNBV Beepol Lodge is wooden home for a bumblebee colony for the garden, orchard or vegetable plot

Order your bumblebees from the native bumblebee breeder of your choice.   Our beepol lodge is designed to be an exact fit for the Beepol hive by Dragonfli.  The bees arrive by courier, allow them to rest a while then lift the wooden lid of the Beepol lodge, slot the hive into place, open the bee door and close down the wooden beepol lid.

Soon the worker bumblebees will be out to investigate and shortly afterwards will get active in your garden.  Bumblebees are great pollinators and will increase your fruit, vegetable and flower crops and are widely used in commercial horticulture for this purpose. One of the main advantages of the bumblebee is that they will work in all weather conditions, when other bees are not active, making the bumblebee one of the most popular bees for the garden.

The internal Beepol hive by Dragonfli features an inner doorway which can be set to only allow incoming bees, which gives the option of allowing movement of the Beepol Lodge at night to a new pollinating area. 


The lodge should be installed on a tree, building or platform in a quiet/secluded area of the garden where it will be inaccessible to unsupervised children and pets. Entrance holes should offer a clear flight path, offering easy access for the bees.

Monitoring & Inspection

After a week, your bumblebees would have settled into their new location and will already be bringing back pollen and nectar to the nest. The Dragonfli beepol hive has a clear plastic top, so you can take a look at the bees if you wish.  It is not necessary to do this, but if you choose to do so, you need to be careful not to frighten the bees.


The Beepol Lodge is constructed from natural, durable timber and therefore does not require treating in any way. Chemical treatment may be harmful to bees and the wider environment so is not recommended.  The green roof is made from re-cycled agricultural plastic so may vary in colour and provides additional weather-proofing for the bumblebee colony which require a nice dry home.

What Species Might Use My Habitat?

We recommend purchase of a native bumblebee species such a the buff-tail bumblebee in the UK.  However, other native species of bumblebee may choose to occupy the lodge if the hive is left empty in subsequent seasons.

Additional Information

Replacement bumblebee colonies for the Beepol Lodge are available annually between April - August.   The choice of bumblebee supplier should be chosen for their ability to supply native bees that are genetically tested and free from parasites that may cause harm to the colony itself or other wild bees.

Because many species of creature are constantly seeking refuge and safe nesting sites, you may find that an unexpected species such as small mammals or birds may also use your Beepol lodge.  This is part of nature and all species should be welcomed as part of the diversity of your wildlife garden.