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Wildlife World Copper Hole Protector 32mm

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Wildlife World Copper Hole Protector 32mm
Reference: WILD-HP32
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Pre-drilled ready-to-fit copper hole protector for nest boxes.

The purpose of the hole protector is to prevent the wooden nestbox entrance hole being enlarged by pecking or gnawing. Unprotected entrance holes on wooden nest boxes are often attacked by squirrels, woodpeckers and even small mammals in an attempt to enter the box for nesting or in some cases to predate on the eggs and fledglings of small birds. This results in damage to the nest box or at worst lost broods.

The 32mm hole protector is considered by the RSPB to be a universal size for all small hole nesting species such as blue tits, coal tits, marsh tits and tree sparrows as well as great tits and house sparrow. Fix using 4 small screws to any wooden nestbox.




Wildlife World Copper Hole Protector 32mm
About Wildlife World

To ensure that our designs are fit for purpose, our design team works with an extensive network of wildlife experts to develop unique products which include many innovative features, ensuring that species using the products will gain the fullest benefit from the design to encourage habitation, aid its survival in the wild and in turn contribute to boosting the populations of many insects, birds, mammals & amphibians.

Our products are extensively tested at our base in Chavenage and also in our wildlife woodlands in the heart of Devon. During this testing process we are able to monitor prototype performance and fine-tune features over the test period - this ensures that by the time the product finally goes to market, it is fit for purpose and ready for use by wildlife.