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Do you have a Gardening or BBQ website and want an easy way to earn money? Join our Affiliate scheme for FREE and start earning unlimited commission!

So, what's it all about?

Becoming a Keengardener affiliate is a free opportunity that allows you to earn money by placing Keengardener banners and/or text links on your site. When someone visiting your site clicks over and makes a purchase on our site, you will earn a commission. It's as simple as that!

It won't cost you a penny so being a Keengardener affiliate is a completely risk-free business opportunity. Keengardener does all of the work! We take the orders and handle all aspects of customer service. All you need are a few minutes to sign up to our programme and place the banners on your site and you’re up and running!

Are there any risks or hidden costs?

There's no charge to participate. In fact, we pay you! As a Keengardener affiliate you’ll earn - without any risk. You’ll also get free advertising and promotional support such as a variety of banners and skyscrapers. We’ll choose our best offers to use on the banners to help increase your commission.

I’m interested, how do I join?

We are currently working with Webgains. You just need to signup to our program on their site.

The Deal

Cookie length

90 days


Creatives updated monthly in line with promotions and seasonal events

Data feed

Fully automated and updated daily

Affiliate Approval


Voucher Codes

Both generic and exclusive codes possible with the voucher management tool

Why choose Keen Gardener as an merchant?

» We have a superior conversion rate and average basket spend than most in our industry
» We do not hold you back from any marketing techniques - SEO, shopping directories, price comparison, loyalty schemes, discounts, competitions, email marketing and offline promotions all welcomed
» Minimal forms of leakage
» We have an excellent reputation online
» We have a dedicated in-house affiliate manager
» Regular incentives