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Heatstrip Elegance 2400 Watt

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Heatstrip Elegance 2400 Watt
Reference: GHALL-THE2400AEU
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4 Year Warranty on this Product!
After three years of product development, HEATSTRIP isintroducing the HEATSTRIP Elegance. The first off-whiteoutdoor heater utilizes the latest technology for maximumcomfort. Using the latest material coating and heatingelement technology, HEATSTRIP has introduced the firstoff-white outdoor heater. The company has worked todevelop the heaters coating so it does not discolor throughthe constant heat it produces. The coating is flexible,preventing cracking. The heater is also corrosion protected,making it suitable for seaside locations.The heaters heating element design produces a more eventemperature distribution and allows the energy-efficientheater to operate at higher temperatures resulting in moreeffective heating comfort. The 3600 watt model is thefirst true 3600W heater offered in the world in the electricradiant strip heater category. Heatstrip Elegance stripheaters suit most white ceilings in any al fresco areas withideal ceiling heights of 2.1 to 2.7 metres.

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Features & Benefits
Why choose HEATSTRIP electric radiant heaters for your outdoor or hard-to-heat indoor area? As there is typically constant air movement in an outdoor or open indoor area, many conventional patio heaters rely on convection heating which works by heating the surrounding air. This can be quite impractical for these areas, as this heated air can easily blow away with natural air movement. Radiant style heaters transfer heat directly to objects through infra-red waves. Whilst convection heaters heat the air in between objects, radiant heaters heat the surface of the objects themselves. Heatstrip electric radiant heaters are more effective within an outdoor or uninsulated indoor area because they provide targeted warmth directly to the people and objects in their path.

How does it work?
Comfortable radiant warmth from above! Similar to the radiant heat rays emitted by the Sun, the ceiling mounted HEATSTRIP Elegance range of heaters emits radiant warmth from above. A unique electric heating element and alloy heating surface produces even, radiant warmth directly to individual people and surfaces below. Unlike traditional outdoor gas heaters, which aim to heat the surrounding air and can result in high temperatures close to the heat source and lower temperatures further away, the radiant heat emitted by the HEATSTRIP Elegance penetrates through the air to provide a comfortable, even temperature.

Subtle, unobtrusive minimalist design
The Heater that is a Design Feature! The attractive HEATSTRIP Elegance comes with a black face and anodised alloy rear casing. The stylish, slimline face of the HEATSTRIP Elegance does not emit light or glow when in use, blending elegantly into your décor. Whether you have a traditional or ultra-modern design, the Heatstrip is the perfect addition – either designed to become a feature or an unobtrusive addition.

Efficient, cost effective electric heating
The innovative design of the Heatstrip enables comfortable and even heat dispersion from the heater surface with minimal operating costs, providing an enjoyable and gentle warmth.

Multiple Applications:

Residential • Outdoor al-fresco & entertaining areas • Patio’s, BBQ’s zones, outdoor kitchens • Courtyards & balconies • Veranda’s, pergola’s • Garages and sheds Commercial • Cafes • Pubs & Clubs • Restaurants & Gaming venues • Factories • Warehouses • Showrooms • Halls

Significantly lower running costs compared to bottled gas heaters

The cost of running a Heatstrip heater is considerably less than gas-bottled patio heaters (refer to below for more information).

Design flexibility

Three HEATSTRIP Elegance models are available from 1800W to 3600W, ensuring the heating requirements of any undercover outdoor or open indoor area are met. Brackets for direct ceiling or wall/ceiling angled mounting are supplied as standard. Optional HEATSTRIP accessories include beam or fixed umbrella mount brackets, extension mount brackets, chain suspension brackets, twin mount brackets and flush mounting enclosures.

Minimal maintenance

The HEATSTRIP Elegance incorporates no internal moving parts ensuring quiet and virtually maintenance free operation.

Australian Product

Designed, engineered and assembled in Australia the Heatstrip Classic is fully backed by a 24 month residential warranty, and 12 month commercial warranty. Local service and support provides piece of mind.

Easy to use

The standard HEATSTRIP Elegance is controlled by a simple on/off operation, either when plugged directly into a power point, or hard-wired via a wall mounted on/off switch. Models THE1800AUK & THE2400AUK are supplied with a lead and plug and can be connected to a normal domestic power point, making it an easy DIY installation. Model THE3600AUK requires hard-wiring by a qualified electrician to a 15amp power supply.

Corrosion Protection

The unique alloy casing material allows the heater to be used in corrosive environments such as coastal/seaside locations, outdoor kitchens and around saltwater pools etc.

Control Options

It is recommended to install your Heatstrip heater with a timer controller to ensure the unit is turned off after a preset time. Thermofilm recommends Model TT-MTM controller, which includes a timer function (1/2/4 hour) and temperature control (High/Medium/Low).

Mounting Options
The installation of HEATSTRIP Elegance is simple and easy with the standard mounting brackets supplied. For other more challenging locations there are range of mounting options available.The HEATSTRIP Elegance can be mounted directly to the ceiling, angled downwards on a wall, fitted flush with the ceiling; suspended on chains or poles; attached to beams/poles/umbrella’s; mounted end-to-end, or 2 units together.


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Guarantee provisions

Grand Hall has great confidence in its products and offers excellent guarantee provisions. For Grand Hall outdoor kitchens, a guarantee period of 2 years applies from the date of purchase. If a defect becomes apparent within this period of 24 months which is the result of material and/or construction errors, then we guarantee that the defective component will be replaced or repaired at no charge

Specific characteristics of the guarantee provisions

- 5 year guarantee against damage to stainless steel components from rust-through

- 2 year guarantee against rust-through for parts finished in enamel

- 2 year guarantee against rust-through for coated parts

- 1 year guarantee on accessories

All rights based on the guarantee become null and void if:

- The product is not assembled and installed in accordance with the instructions - the product is used improperly

- Scratches, dents, damage, discolouration etc. occur due to heat and aggressive cleansing agents

- The product is used for commercial purposes and/or is rented out

- The product suffers damage from the forces of nature

- Burn spots occur due to improper maintenance and/or cleaning of the grill (for example due to grease / fat

remaining behind and burning)

- The gas hose is not properly installed; always read the installation instructions carefully beforehand

- The grill been converted for use with natural gas; this grill is suitable for use only the grill has with butane or propane gas

- The product is not being used in the country where it was purchased due to the applicable guidelines in that country

- Damage results from use or from third parties

The following are excluded from the guarantee

- Ignition batteries

- Peeling / separation of the coating as a result of grease / fat being burned in

- Peeling / separation of the paint / enamel and coating

- Light rust such as flash-rust

Normal wear and tear resulting from usage - faults which do not noticeably affect the operation or value of the appliance All warranty coverage excludes grill paint loss or rusting (except rust-through) which are either expendable parts that can wear out from normal use in less than two years, or are conditions that can be the result of normal use, accident or improper installation or maintenance.

To make a claim based on the guarantee, the purchase receipt must always be provided
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