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Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 9000 UVC Pond Filter

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Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 9000 UVC Pond Filter
Reference: HOZ-1353
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Suitable for ponds up to 18000 litres - The Bioforce Revolution features a patented, easy clean system and is combined with a 3 step filter process to offer Clear and Healthy Water Guaranteed. High power UV Clarifier eliminates green water. Mechanical Filtration



Find the right size Bioforce for you

  No Fish
(Max Pond Size)
Few Fish
(Max Pond Size)
Lots of Fish
(Max Pond Size)
Bioforce 3000 UVC 6000L 4500L 3000L
Bioforce 4500 UVC 9000L 6750L 4500L
Bioforce 6000 Revolution UVC 12000L 9000L 6000L
Bioforce 9000 Revolution UVC 18000L 13500L 9000L
Bioforce 14000 Revolution UVC 28000L 21000L 14000L

Flexible and un-obtrusive

Bioforce Revolution is pre-assembled for easy installation with a new pond or an existing filtration system. The unit can be hidden at the side of the pond or buried in the ground up to the level of the hose inlets. The pressurised filter allowsthe water to be pumped to a higher exit point to create relaxing waterfalls.


Enhanced wattage UVC bulb to eliminate green water. contained in a quick access chamber for trouble free replacement with viewing window that glows when operating and integrated turbulator.

Biological Filtration

Large surface area kaldnes K3 biological media, accommodates beneficial bacteria in a bug bungalow to maintain clear and healthy water.

Mechanical Filtration

A new approach using foam cubes, provides increased surface area for bacteria growth and facilitates easy cleaning mechanism.


Unique winding handle activates paddles inside the chamber and agitates the foam cubes and loosens accummulated green sludge. Diverter valve is switched to direct unwanted dierrty water water to surrounding garden areas outside of the pond.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty 2 years
Max Pond Size (No Fish) 18000LTR (3960GALS)
Max Fish cm 503cm (16'06")
Cable Length 5m (16'0")
UV Lamp 24w
Max Pond Size (Some Fish) 13500LTR (2970GALS)
Max Pond Size (Lots of Fish) 9000LTR (1980GALS)
Hose Diameter 25 - 40mm
Recommended Pump Size LPH (GPH) 6000LPH (1320GPH)
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