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Hozelock Easyclear 9000 13w Pond Pump, Filter & UVC Combination

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Hozelock Easyclear 9000 13w Pond Pump, Filter & UVC Combination
Reference: HOZ-1768
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The Easyclear is a biological in pond filter with built in Ultra Violet Clarifier and 60w pump. The new Easyclear 4'n1 is a fully integrated unit that is positioned in the pond and guarantees beautiful, clear and healthy water and an attractive and reliable fountain and waterfall display. It has a 4in1 action: Filter for Clear and Healthy Water: The filter sieves out solids that make the water cloudy and makes the water healthy for fish and plants. UVC Eliminates Green Water: The UVC eliminates the algae that causes green water. Fountain: The fountain creates a decorative display with a choice of 3 fountain heads. Waterfall: An attractive waterfall or a combination of waterfall and fountain can be run. Clearwater is guaranteed in ponds of up to 9000 litres capacity.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty 3 year
Max Flow 2850LPH (627GPH)
Max Fountain Height 1.90m (6'02")
Bell Jet Diameter 0.70m (2'03")
Waterfall Width 0.25m (0'10")
Waterfall Height 0.06m (2'00")
Max Pond Size (No Fish) 9000LTR (1980GALS)
Max Fish cm 2.16m (7'08")
Watts 55w - 230v
Cable Length 10m (33')
UV Lamp 13w
Accessories Included 2 Tier Jet, 3 tier jet, bell jet, 4 x fountain stem and extension pieces
Max Pond Size (Some Fish) 7500LTR (1650GALS)
Max Pond Size (Lots of Fish) 6000L (1320GALS)
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