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Low Voltage Lighting Guide


At Keen Gardener, we stock 2 branded low voltage lighting brands; Select-a-Light and Garden Lighting Plug & Play. All lighting can be used within your existing system, or can be used to create a new lighting circuit. If you are unsure, please call 01789 763336 to discuss your specific requirements.

How can you tell the difference between the two lighting brands?

Select-a-Light Lighting will have the product code prefix RING, whereas Garden Lighting Plug & Play will have the prefix GLPP.

How does the system work?

We recommend taking the following steps in order to create your perfect low voltage outdoor lighting circuit:

Plan the layout. Choose lights which will help you achieve the effect you wish to create. For instance, spot lights are great for illuminating trees and shrubs, whereas post lights make great markers for along paths or borders.

Choose the lights, making note of the total wattage. Also take into account the wattage of additional accessories along the circuit, such as timers/sensors.

Choose the transformer to suit the total wattage in your circuit. Choose from 22w up to 300w.

For Garden Lighting Plug & Play (denoted by GLPP prefix on product codes), the following advice applies:
In case your system needs a 22 or 60 watt transformer it is recommended to start with a maincable 10 metre SPT-1W with 4 connectors, or with 6 metre SPT-1W extension cord or with a cable divider. In case your system requires a 150 watt transformer you are advised to start with a SPT-3W main cable, or with an extension cable 10 metre SPT-3 or a cable divider.

Choose the cable which will be long enough for the entire length of the circuit. Cable is available in various lengths but can also be extended. Lights and transformers come with approximately 2m of cable so take this into consideration. You can run extension circuits off the main cable, using dividers and extension cables.

INSTALLATION - Easy to install. Depending on which system you choose will depend on the connections you need. Install the transformer, plug into standard 220v socket. For Select-a-Light cable simply cut where you wish to install the lights, and connect with an easy-to-use connector. Garden Lighting Plug & Play mains cable has ready installed connectors along the cable which simply click or screw into lighting components from the same system. Continue for each light on the circuit.

Try these techniques in your garden:

Spot Lights

The most common technique used in outdoor lighting.

Adjustable necks allow them to be used to highlight specific features iny our garden.

They create dramatic effects by giving trees and shrubs depth and contour.

Deck Lights

A large stylish range of decking lights.

Used for highlighting paths or edges, deck lighting also creates a great ambiente light, and can be used as uplighting features in the garden.

Many of our deck lights are also IP68 rated meaning they can be used underwater.

Post Lights

Light paths and borders with post/bollard lights, create interesting effects between shrubs.

Available in a range of styles and wattages to suit the effect you wish to achieve.