Let there be light! The right garden lighting can completely transform any outside space. Whether it’s protecting your home with security lighting, illuminating your paths and patios or bringing depth, atmosphere and mood to your garden – it’s an important part of any successful design.

This month, we’re introducing Luxform, a fantastic range of easy to install 12V, low-voltage lighting systems that’s perfect for use all around your garden and outside spaces.

The Luxform Range

Luxform produces a wide range of high quality 12V lighting, including spot lights, post lighting, rock lighting, recessed lighting and LED lighting. There’s lighting in the range suitable for a huge range of purposes, from lighting flowerbeds and borders, to illuminating ornaments and water features, and marking out paths, decking and drives.

The brand also offers a wide range of accessories, including timers, extension cables, deck mounts and bulbs – perfect for building a unique, modular garden lighting system designed around your space and requirements.

Luxform is a really versatile system that you can easily develop as and when you want to - you can quickly and easily extend your lighting system to include new components and additional lights, thanks to the unique Easy Connect System.

The Easy Connect System

One of the key selling points of the Luxform System is the Easy Connect System, which makes installation of the lighting a breeze. You won’t need any special tools, and cabling can be hidden just below your garden surfaces – there’s no need to spend hours digging deep trenches in your garden.

The Easy Connect connection system features a dedicated cable connector. All you need to do is push two cables into the connector, click it closed, and you’re connected – it really is that simple! This easy system also makes moving, developing and expanding your lighting systems super simple and stress free.

Why Low Voltage?

For the majority of gardeners, 12V lighting systems provide a better all-round solution than traditional 240V systems.

The biggest benefit of choosing low voltage lighting is that you can install it yourself, quickly, safely and easily, and you won’t need to call an electrician. It’s an easy ‘plug and play’ system, and whilst you will need to use transformers – this is much simpler than you might seem, and Luxform products comes supplied with everything you need.

Low voltage lighting is intrinsically safer than a 240V circuit – they are less susceptible to damp you won’t have to worry about you, your family members or your pets getting electrocuted, either during or after installation! Should things go wrong with your lighting, low voltage systems like the Luxform range are much easier to repair than 240V systems.

How Keen Gardener can help

You’ll find a fantastic range of Luxform Low Voltage Lighting and low voltage garden lighting products from other leading brands at Keen Gardener, all available at fantastic prices. As with all the products we sell, Luxform Garden Lighting comes backed up with our Lowest Price Promise – so you can guarantee you’re getting the best prices available online.