Summer 2017 is in full swing – it’s prime growing season, and the busiest time of the year for Keen Gardeners everywhere. It’s also the time of year where gardens produce the most waste – whether that’s lawn and hedge clippings, or pruned branches, twigs and weeds.

Getting rid of all that garden waste can be a challenge – especially when your garden waste bin is full. Keep your garden tidy and manage waste effectively, with our 5 essential tips to getting rid of garden waste.

Catch it as you go

Gathering waste from your lawn, beds and borders can be a laborious task. It’s best to catch it as you go – just as when doing DIY or decorating jobs around the house laying out a sheet or tarpaulin will make gathering garden waste much easier.

Whether you are weeding, clipping or pruning, our Smart Garden Tidy Kit will help you to minimise the mess. It includes an extra strong 120 Litre garden bag, and a dedicated, hardwearing clipping sheet (120cm x 180cm).

Turn waste into compost

Composting is a fantastic, environmentally friendly way of getting rid of all your lawn clippings and small green waste (food scraps too) – transforming it into nutrient-rich compost you can use all over your garden.

If you don’t have space for a dedicated compost heap, this Bio Green Compost Roller is ideal. It features mixing bars and an aeration system, specially designed to significantly speed up the composting process.

Shred it!

Cutting back shrubs, shaping hedges and pruning trees produces a lot of waste. One of the most effective ways of getting rid of it is to shred it – recycling it into mulch you can use around the garden.

At Keen Gardener, you’ll find a wide range of garden shredders, in sizes to suit every garden. When shopping for a shredder, you’ll need to think about the volume and kind of materials you want to recycle. You’ll also want to consider the noise output – especially if you want to keep the neighbours happy!

Burn it with an incinerator

Some garden waste simply won’t compost, mulch or shred effectively – and one effective way of getting rid of it is to burn it. Garden fires can be dangerous, and the safest way is to use a dedicated garden incinerator.

When picking an incinerator, look for one with raised legs to prevent scorching the ground, and good ventilation, to maximise airflow for quicker, easier burning. You’ll also want one with a chimney – this will help to direct and channel the smoke, so you don’t end up breathing in the fumes.

Bag it up and take it to the tip

If you’ve exhausted all your shredding, recycling, mulching and composting options, and the garden bin is full – then the best solution is to bag it up, and take it to your local waste disposal site. In most places around the UK, disposing of garden waste is free, although you will want to check on your local council website to see what kind of materials it accepts.

If you don’t have a car, then another (slightly costlier) alternative is to rent a skip, or arrange for a local waste collection company to come and take it away.

Eliminating garden waste at Keen Gardener

You’ll find a wide selection of tools, accessories and products for managing garden waste at Keen Gardener, all available at unbeatable prices, for quick and reliable delivery, nationwide.

As with everything we sell, our garden waste products come backed up by our Lowest Price Promise – so you can buy from us in the confidence you’re getting the best deal around.