Has your grass recovered yet?

The early summer heatwave of 2018 took a serious toll on the UK’s lawns, with the extended dry period leaving grass across the country various shades of brown, yellow and beige! Although they are starting to recover, as climate change starts to bite, summers may become hotter and dryer in the future. It’s bad news for those that love a green, lush lawn.

Watering all but the smallest lawns with a hosepipe alone simply isn’t practical – to do it properly, you need a sprinkler. In this post, we take a look at four of our favourite lawn sprinklers from Hozelock and Claber for 2018, with something to suit every garden.

Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler Pro Aquastorm 2 in 1

This might just be the ultimate sprinkler!

With two spray patterns and 20 jets, it can cover up to 200m2 of lawn at a time – providing 100% even water coverage at any water pressure from 1 – 10 bar. It’s easily adjustable via the red sliders, enabling precision watering of any part of the rectangular coverage zone.

It also includes a fine spray for smaller areas and precision watering – so you can use it to water in lawn seed, seedlings or even greenhouse plants.

Stable, dependable, and with a water-powered gear-drive motor, it’s supplied with a 2 year guarantee.

Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro 314m2 Spike

This circular sprinkler has 5 jets, and a fantastic 314m2 (or 20m diameter) range – making it ideal for larger lawns.

It features a circular spike for stability in your lawn or bed, providing even coverage across the whole garden. Designed for the sprinkling of either a complete circle or any part of a circle, it’s easily adjustable via the red setting rings.

As with all Hozelock sprinklers, it comes supplied with a 2 year guarantee.

Claber Idrospray 2000

This rotating 2 arm sprinkler features offset nozzle jets in a fan arrangement – producing a gentle, uniform spray. The two rotating jets mimic natural rainfall, making them ideal for watering lawns and all kinds of garden plants across your beds and borders.

The adjustable jets make it ideal for fun water games in the garden, and the rounded design makes for easy moving across the lawn. 

The Idrospray is made from 100% ABS plastic, making it shock proof, extremely durable and weather resistant – it’s designed to provide years of faithful lawn-watering service.

Claber Idrojet 2000

If you struggle with low water pressure, the Claber Idrojet is ideal – it features adjustable nozzles that optimise performance and maximise sprinkler flow.

A rotating 3 arm sprinkler made entirely from durable, shock and weather resistant ABS, it features a special rounded design for easy movement all around the lawn. The three nozzles cover a wide circular area with a light, natural rain – making it ideal for watering all around your garden.

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