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Stylish Garden Storage – Palram Skylight Sheds

Every keen gardener worth their onions needs a shed!

At Keen Gardener, we’re shed specialists, stocking hundreds of sheds in all shapes and sizes, with something to suit every garden and gardener.

Once, timber sheds reigned supreme, but over the past decade, we’ve seen a massive increase in popularity in plastic sheds. Lightweight, easy to clean and weather resistant, they offer an excellent option that can last for decades.

In this post, we look at one of our favourite ranges from Palram – the Skylight.

Compact Greenhouses – Grow Your Own With Forest Garden

2020 is here, and despite the bleak, mid-winter weather – spring isn’t that far away.

For Keen Gardeners looking to protect tender plants or grow their own fruits and veggies, a greenhouse is a massive plus. As winter comes to an end, it’s a great way to get a head start on your planting, and to boost yields throughout the growing season.

In this post, we take a look at a couple of more compact, stylish greenhouses from UK manufacturer Forest Garden – space-efficient solutions that are perfect for those with smaller gardens.

Gas Greenhouse Heaters – Common Problems and How to Solve Them

Are you having trouble with your gas greenhouse heater?

Greenhouse heaters are amazing – they’re the absolute best way to keep your greenhouse warm all year round. From keeping the frost away on cold winter nights, to protecting tender plants and extending the growing season, the right heater will help you make the most out of your greenhouse.

However, they can be troublesome!

At Keen Gardener, we get quite a few enquiries and questions surrounding the operation and setup of gas greenhouse heaters. Thankfully, the solution is usually straightforward!

In this guide, we cover some of the most common problems – and the easy fixes.*

Premier Treebrights – Lighting Your Home and Garden for Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019 is just around the corner – are you ready?

This year, understated is out. Christmas 2019 is about embracing the festive spirit, and transforming your home and garden into a vibrant winter wonderland.

At Keen Gardener, we’ve got everything you need to make it happen – from decorations and realistic artificial trees, to lighting.

In this post, we look at one of our favourite Christmas lighting products – Premier Treebrights .

Let there be light!

Winter Wonderland – Transform Your Garden With Acrylic Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas is coming! Are you ready for the festivities?

Forget understated – Christmas 2019 is all about embracing the spirit of the season, and going all out with your decorations, inside and out!

This year, why not transform your garden with some amazing outdoor Christmas decorations – the best way to turn your festive home into a winter wonderland.

In this post, we’re looking at some of our favourite festive flourishes – these amazing acrylic Christmas decorations from Premier.

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