We’ve just had one of the longest heatwaves in more than 40 years – and whilst it’s fantastic weather for enjoying time out in the garden, it can be bad news for thirsty garden plants.

With holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to put your watering plans in place for whilst you’re away. After all, there’s little worse than returning from a week or two in the sun, only to find your once beautiful garden filled with dry, damaged and dead plants.

Ensure that your garden thrives when you’re on holiday – with the right watering systems from Keen Gardener.

Hozelock Aquapod – Perfect for Pots

Potted plants are the first to suffer when the temperature rises – make sure they don’t go thirsty with the simple, affordable and effective Hozelock Aquapods.

These reusable ceramic cones screw onto standard plastic water bottles – simply plant them in the pot, and they’ll drip feed water directly to the roots of your plants while you’re away. Available in a range of sizes, they are perfect for weekend trips or a week in the sun.

Getting Serious – Automatic Garden Watering

If you’ve got a large garden or are planning a longer trip away – you may want to consider an automatic watering system. The Hozelock Automatic Watering System is ideal. It’s a fully modular system that can be created and adapted to suit the needs of any garden.

One option is to build a complete system from scratch using a range of timers, pressure reducers, pipelines and connectors – (you will find a detailed explanation of how to do that in our Hozelock Automatic Watering Guide), but we’ve found it much easier to start with a readymade system, like the:


These all in one, complete kits included everything needed to start your own automatic watering system, and can be enhanced and expanded as needed with the addition of extra accessories and components. These kits are made for watering your pots and containers, but you can also use them to keep your borders, beds, veg patches, and greenhouse plants watered whilst you’re away on holiday.

You can even combine them with additional kits, like the Hozelock Universal Kit – simply team with a compatible water controller for an easy way to water larger beds, borders and hedges.

Why Hozelock Automatic Watering?

Hozelock are the go to name in garden watering systems, producing an excellent range of reliable, high quality modular components and all in one systems. One of the key benefits of choosing Hozelock is that the system is so easy to setup and use.

It’s also really flexible, so if you ever need to adapt or expand, you can do it by purchasing a couple of additional components, rather than a completely new system.

Automatic Watering Systems for Holidays from Keen Gardener

You’ll find a fantastic range of top quality automatic watering systems from leading brands Hozelock and Claber at Keen Gardener. All watering products are available at unbeatable prices and backed up by our lowest price promise, so you can come to us in the confidence that you’re getting the best deal possible.